Seduced in the Dark (Excerpts)


The author does not condone any of the illegal acts contained in this document. This is meant for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only.

“I’ve been doing this a long time – manipulating people to get my way. That’s why you think you love me. Because I’ve broken you down and built you back up to believe it. It wasn’t an accident. And once you leave this behind…you’ll see that.” – Caleb

Chapter One 

Day 2:

Vivisected. It’s the only word I can think of to describe how I’m feeling – vivisected. As though someone has cut me open with a scalpel, the pain not sinking in until the flesh begins to separate and my blood bubbles out. I can hear the crack as my ribs are flayed open. Slowly, my organs, wet and sticky, are pulled out of me one at a time. Until I am hollow. Hollow and yet, in excruciating pain – still alive. Still. Alive.

Above me, there are sterile and industrial fluorescent lights. One of the bulbs is threatening to go out and it flickers, buzzes, gasps for breath. I’ve been transfixed by its Morse code for the last hour. On-off-buzz-buzz-on-off.  My eyes hurt. I keep staring. Following along with my own Morse code: Don’t think about him. Don’t think about him. Caleb. Oh god, Caleb. Don’t think about him. Don’t think about him.

Somewhere, I’m being watched. There’s always someone here. There’s someone to tug on my various cables. Caleb. Don’t think about him. Cables. They extend from my hand, where I receive my liquids and my drugs. They wind from my chest to monitor the beating of my heart. Sometimes I hold my breath, just to see if it will stop. Instead, it beats harder and faster in my chest and I gasp for breath – like my light bulb. Buzzzzz-on-off.

There’s someone who tries to feed me. She tells me her name, but I don’t care enough to remember it. She asks me my name. She pleads with me. I never answer; I never eat. Kitten. Buzz-buzz.

“Do you really think begging is going to work?” asks Ghost Caleb. I see him smiling at me. I cry. Loud, horrible, sounds come out of me, but I can’t make it stop. I want Caleb. I get drugs instead. The food comes through a tube while I sleep.

There’s always someone watching.


I want to leave this place. There’s nothing wrong with me. If Caleb were here, I’d walk out of this place, happy, smiling and complete. But he’s gone. And they won’t let me grieve for him in peace.

They can’t hold me forever.

“Olivia?” Someone says.

I’m overwhelmed by rage. I attack without thinking.


Day 3:

There are two people in the room with me. They’ve been here since yesterday, waiting patiently for me to speak. They’ll be waiting a long time.

I thought some of the pain would have subsided by now, but it’s only gotten worse. The hollow feeling in my chest only seems to get deeper. What else is there to remove? Freedom tastes like anguish.

Don’t think about him. Don’t think about him. Don’t think about him.

They keep me strapped down and pumped full of drugs I can’t recall the names of; they say I tried to hurt my nurse. Well, I think, they hurt me first.

I never asked to be brought to the hospital. The blood wasn’t mine and the original owner wouldn’t miss it. I was fairly certain he was dead.

Yes, they hurt me first. They robbed my body of Caleb’s semen.

I flex the muscles of my pussy. I no longer have a problem using that word. Pussy had been Caleb’s word for that wet, pulsing place between my legs. I am still sore, less so than yesterday and the knowledge that tomorrow I may not be sore at all wounds me. I want to be sore. I want to feel his lingering presence inside me. I want to be able to clench hard and feel him thrusting up into me, groaning against my chest as I hold him close, begging him to fill me with his hot seed.
Only days ago, he did. He came hard and long, coating the inside of my spasming pussy until it started to run back out. The car filled with a wet squelching noise as he continued to make little thrusts into me. I never wanted him to stop. I wanted him inside me forever. And now he was gone. Gone. Forever. They had taken what was left.

Loss, jagged and sharp tears through me. My body wants to curl in on itself but can’t. I scream. The two people in the room rush to my side.  I struggle in my bonds. Caleb. Caleb.

I scream.

The faces above me are shocked, but also pained. They want to know what’s wrong. I can never tell them. This pain is mine to keep.

I suck air into my lungs and scream again. The nurse runs in.


My mouth is unbelievably dry. My tongue feels heavy and dead in my mouth. My lips seem to have fared no better. They are chapped and when I scrape my tongue over my bottom lip, I can’t help but think of sandpaper.

The worst though, is my nose. The tube they have been using to feed me is crammed up my left nostril and fed down the back of my throat. It itches. I can’t scratch it. It hurts. I can’t shake it free. I feel it every time I swallow and it tastes of antiseptic.

They say I’m a danger to others. They say I’m a danger to myself. I need to start eating, if only to get this fucking tube out of my nose and regain the use of my hands which are still strapped to my bed.

There will be more questions, the same questions, and this time I might have to answer them. I know it’s the only way they’ll let me go.


I close my eyes and open them slowly. Caleb is standing over me. My heart races and tears of pure joy flood my eyes. He’s finally here. He’s finally come for me. His face is warm, his smile broad. There is a familiar tilt to his lips and I know he’s thinking something naughty.

A familiar tingle spreads throughout my belly and creeps down toward my pussy making it swell and throb. I haven’t had an orgasm in days and I’ve become very accustomed to them.

“Should I let you go? You look so sexy when you’re tied down,” he says through a smile. He unties me – reluctantly. “I’m sorry,” his tone is serious.

“For what?” I whisper. I want him to tell he’s sorry for not telling me sooner…that he loves me.

“For the restraints,” he says.

I frown. He loves restraints.

“As soon as we can be sure of your mental state, we can remove them.”

This is wrong. Really wrong.

It’s the drugs.

I open my eyes – for real this time. Caleb disappears.

In his place is a woman wearing a brown suit. I scowl at her, but she only looks on me with calm, pitying eyes. I dislike her immediately. She has a folder in her left hand and with the other she unclips her name badge.

“See? It says right here that I’m Dr. Janice Sloan. I’m a forensic social worker for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”
I don’t acknowledge her, or her little badge. Instead, I stare toward the ceiling at my ever-flickering fluorescent bulb. On-off-buzz-buzzzzzzzzzzz-on-off.

“I’ve been briefed by the social worker who was present during your initial exam, as well as the events witnessed by the Laredo Police Department.”

I swallow hard. Memories assault me, but I fight them. This is exactly what I didn’t want.

“I know it doesn’t seem like it, you’ve been treated more like a criminal than a victim, but I’m here to help you. You’re being held on charges of assault against federal border patrol officers, brandishing a weapon, resisting arrest, attempted suicide, and suspicion of murder. I’m here to determine your competency, but also to assist you. I’m sure you have your reasons for what happened. And most likely these charges will be dropped, but I can’t help you if you won’t talk to me. Please, Olivia. Please let me help you.”

Hearing my name from her lips is like a slap across my face. They know who I am. Well, they know who I was. They want me to go back and be her again and damn it, I can’t! I can’t go back. I don’t want to go back.

My panic is rising. Already my chest is heaving and the world is black around the edges. Tears choke me around the tube in my throat. The fucking pain of the post-Caleb world is endless. I knew it would be.

“I know this can’t be easy for you sweetheart. What you’ve been through…” I hear her swallow. “I can’t imagine it,” she continues. It reeks of pity and I don’t want it. Not from her. She reaches her hand out to touch mine and I instantly recoil. The harsh clang of my hands smacking against the railing of my bed is like a threat of violence. And I am more than willing to inflict violence if she tries to touch me again.

She holds up both her hands and steps away. My breathing begins to settle and the black ring surrounding my vision dissipates, until the world is once again in high definition, color. Now that she has drawn my attention, I notice she isn’t alone. There is a man with her. He cocks his head and stares at me like I am a riddle he wants to solve. The look is heartbreakingly familiar.

I roll my head toward the window, staring at the light filtering through the horizontal window blinds. My stomach clenches. Caleb. His name whispers through my mind. He used to look at me that way. I wonder why, since he seemed so capable of reading my mind. My body aches. I miss him. I miss him so much. I feel tears again, sliding down the corners of my eyes.

“Do you know why you’re here, Olivia?” she says softly. I flinch at the sound of that name. I’m tempted to speak, so I can tell her to shut the fuck up. “The police were able to identify you from your missing person’s report. Your friend Nicole reported your abduction. We’ve been looking for you. Your mother has been very worried about you.”

I can practically feel my skin crawling. Stop! Stop talking to me. But she won’t.

“She’s trying to find someone to take care of your brothers and sisters, so she can come see you.”

NO! Stay away.

“She should be here in the next day or two. You can talk to her on the phone if you’d like.”

I am whimpering. I want her to stop. I want them all to go away – this woman, the man in the corner, my mother, my siblings, even Nicole. I don’t want to hear them. I don’t want to see them. Go away, go away, go away.

The woman reaches for the phone.

I scream bloody fucking murder. I won’t go back!

“Caleb!” I scream. “Caleb! Help me!”

The people in the room are startled, but in no rush to subdue me. The man writes something down and I realize I’ve given something away. I scream and scream and scream until someone rushes in and presses all my magic buttons.

The drugs take over.



Day 5:

I’m fully aware that I am in the psyche ward of the hospital. I’ve been told many times. I can’t help but laugh inwardly at the irony. They will let me go once I’m able to tell them to release me. But I won’t speak. I am literally holding myself hostage. It occurs to me that perhaps I am crazy and therefore belong here. Either way, they can’t hold me much longer.

I have started eating. I eat little bits at a time, just enough to keep me from having that fucking tube in my nose.
The bruises on my wrists and ankles are an angry shade of purple. I suppose I fought pretty hard. I almost miss the restraints. In a way, they allowed me the freedom to writhe and flail. They gave me something and someone to fight against. Without them…I feel like a traitor. No longer a prisoner, I seem to be allowing them to keep me here. I eat when they bring me food. I shower when they say it’s time. I get back in my bed like a good little girl. I sicken myself.

Despite my compliance and my complacency, they still never leave me alone. There is always someone here, watching me like I’m a lab experiment. As long as they don’t engage me in conversation, I don’t bite or scratch. Oh, but when they do….

Then, there are the drugs. Oh, how I have come to love the drugs. My time with Caleb is so much more vivid when I dream. I long to be sedated.

Whenever the fog lifts, they are here: Dr. Sloan and her ‘associate’, Agent Wolber. Sometimes it’s just the woman, who tries to get me to speak by suffocating me with her compassion. Sometimes it’s just the man. He likes to stare at me. I stare back. The first one to look away is the loser. Often, it’s me. His glare is unnerving.

In Wolber’s eyes I see a familiar determination and a cunning that I have never been a match for. I feel as though he is telling me I have no choice but to break. Eventually, he’ll get what he wants from me. I taunt him with my silence. Sometimes he smirks at me. And then the specter of Caleb seems much more pronounced.

On this particular day, he seems bored with our silent game. He looks away from me first and returns his attention to the laptop in front of him. He types, and then scrolls through information I can’t see.  I wonder if it’s about me. Slowly he reaches for his briefcase on the ground, next to his chair and pulls out a few brown folders. He opens one and makes some notes while furrowing his brow.

Factually, I take stock of the information that he is a very good-looking man. Not as handsome as Caleb. Still, he strikes me as equally intense. His pitch black hair is a little too long for his profession, but he keeps it impeccably groomed. He wears the A-typical, movie G-man outfit: white shirt, black suit, dark-colored tie. He makes it look good though, like he’d be wearing it even if it weren’t a requirement. I suddenly wonder what he’d look like without it on.

I’m shocked at myself. Caleb is the only man I want.

Caleb’s not here.

No, he’s not. He thinks I’m fucked in the head. That’s rich coming from him, the most fucked up man of all time! For the first time in days I feel anger instead of grief. Caleb has made me into this. He admitted it. I am everything he wanted me to be. And in the end, what did I get in return?

 “You’re mother should be here today,” says Agent Wolber. His tone is studiously detached, but he glances at me sidelong. He’s eager for my reaction.

My heart stutters, but the jolt is over quickly and once again I simply feel…nothing. It’s inevitable. Eventually I will have to see her. I know I’ll have to say the words when I do. I’ll have to tell her I don’t want to go back with her. I’ll have to tell her to forget all about me. I finally understand how Caleb feels about the mother he never knew.

My Caleb. So broken. I thought our jagged edges fit so well together. Together we could have made something whole. But I guess there are too many broken pieces to be put back together.

Agent Wolber clears his throat, casually, but with the obvious intent of regaining my attention. He stands and steps closer to my bed, his face sharp with its seriousness, “Don’t you have anything to say about that?”

If only you knew guy, if only you knew.

I’ve been grateful for the reprieve, but really – it’s taken her five fucking days to get here? Perhaps telling her to leave me alone will be easier than I thought. My feelings are ambiguous on the subject.

Agent Wolber keeps talking. His voice is sort of sexy. Caleb’s is sexier. Still, I like being both distracted and reminded of Caleb. If I close my eyes I can almost pretend Agent Wolber’s words are said in Caleb’s unusual accent.

“I don’t have an accent,” Caleb says somewhat indignantly. But I can’t help but smile because he does.

“Yeah, see, there you go, a smile,” he says coaxingly. “You, tell me about where you’ve been all these months, where you got the gun and the money and I’ll see to it that your mom walks you out of here today.”

Reverie broken, I look up at Agent Wolber and almost laugh at his ridiculous and completely forced smile. So, they know about the money – that didn’t take long. Still, I can’t help but look at him with confused eyes and an innocent head tilt. Money? Agent Wolber has the good sense to scoff and turn away. He’s just as smart as he looks and he isn’t buying my bullshit. I’m suddenly very scared. Tick-tock – I can’t hide behind my silence forever.

I know I should cooperate, tell him the story and get him on my side, but I just can’t do it. I can’t say it out loud, make it a matter of record, have the entire world analyze what happened and judge me, or worse, Caleb. All I want is to get out of the hospital and try to forget everything, to see if I can. I want to forget my entire past. If I can’t be Kitten, then I don’t want to be Olivia either; I need to move on and be someone new. If I break my silence, I will never be able to leave this behind. My entire life will forever be overshadowed by the last six months. More than that, I don’t know what the fuck to say! What can I say? For the hundredth time today, I miss Caleb.

Something drips onto my neck and I realize I’m crying. I wonder how long the agent has been staring at me. I feel lost and his flicker of concern suddenly seems like a lifeline. It’s hard not to see Caleb in his stead.

He sighs loudly and takes a few tentative steps toward me. With all of the confidence of a man used to being trusted, he reaches out and brushes the tears from one eye and then the other. I close my eyes and pretend they are Caleb’s fingers that linger a heartbeat too long, and only in that heartbeat does the hollow feeling fade.

Agent Wolber’s fingers are gone too soon, the fantasy of Caleb too short-lived. I open my eyes and watch the man in front of me shove his hands in his pockets as he walks away from me and toward the window.

It is a few long, tense, seconds before he breaks the unending silence. “It doesn’t have to be this way Miss Ruiz. I only want what’s best for you, everyone does. If you’re afraid, we can protect you, but you have to cooperate. Every day you say nothing, your window of opportunity shrinks.” He turns and stares at me, willing me with his powerful, dark eyes to give him the answers he is looking for.

My mouth opens, words are crouched on the tip of my tongue.

He’ll hurt him if you tell.

My mouth slams shut.

Agent Wolber looks frustrated. As well he should be I suppose. He takes another deep breath and delivers me a look that says, ‘Okay, you asked for it.’ He reaches down and grabs one of the brown folders he was looking at earlier. He opens it, stares at it, then at me. For a moment he looks unsure but then determined. He removes a sheet from the file and walks toward me.

I don’t want to see what it is, but I’m curious and can’t help it. My heart lurches! Every fiber of my being is suddenly singing. Tears sting my eyes and a sound that mimics both sorrow and joy bubbles out my mouth before I can keep it in check.

It’s a picture of Caleb! It’s a picture of his beautiful, scolding face. I want it! I want something to remember him. I reach for it.

“You know this man?” Agent Wolber says, but his tone makes it obvious he knows I do. This is his game. It’s a fucking good one.

Through choked sobs, I reach for the photo again. Agent Wolber steps back, keeping the photo from me. Fucking son of a bitch!

Don’t tell him shit, Kitten. Keep it together.

I don’t reach for the photo again. But I can’t keep from looking at it. He’s younger in the photo, but not by much. He’s still my Caleb. His blond hair is being blown up in the back and his Caribbean-blue eyes are glorious as they scowl at the camera. His mouth, so full and perfect for kissing is set in an annoyed line across his perfect face. He wears a buttoned up shirt, in white, the obviously billowing wind offers tantalizing glimpses of his sun-kissed throat. It’s my Caleb. I want my Caleb.

I glare at Agent Wolber. With my rage in every syllable, I break my vow of silence. “Give. Me. That.”

Agent Wolber’s eyes go wide for a fraction of a second. And then the motherfucker smirks. “So you do know him?”
I glare at him.

He steps closer, picture held out.

I go for it and he pulls it back.

It’s all I can do not to throw myself at his smug face and pound it into the floor tiles. But I know what the outcome will be. Caleb has taught me a few things about starting fights I can’t win. He would want me to use my head and exploit anything I have to offer to get what I want. I force myself to portray calmness and sorrow. The sadness comes easy. I am sad.

“I…I knew him.” I purposely stare at my lap and let my tears fall.

“Knew him?” Agent Wolber says curiously. I nod and let sobs fill the room.

“What happened to him?” He’s very curious. I want him curious.

“Give me the picture,” I whisper.

“Tell me what I want to know,” he counters. Concern laces his words and I know I have him where I want him.

“He….” I am overcome by grief that is very real. I don’t have to manufacture my pain…I am my pain. “He died in my fucking arms.”

Agent Wolber takes a tentative step forward, “I’m sorry Miss Ruiz. I need to know how.”

“Give me the picture,” I sob. He takes another step.

“Tell me how,” he whispers. He’s played this one before.

I look up and glower at him from under my tear-soaked lashes, “Protecting me.”

“From what?” He steps closer, so close and so eager.

“From Rafiq.”

Agent Wolber tries to stifle his excitement, but the air is thick with it anyway. He scrambles to remove another photo from the file and turns it toward me, “This guy?”

I hiss. Actually fucking hiss. We’re both shocked by my reaction. I never knew I could be so feral. I rather like it. I feel capable of anything. Agent Wolber is close and he isn’t prepared when I grab him by the collar of his suit and crush his fucking mouth with mine. He drops the folder.


Despite his shock, Agent Wolber is able to wrestle me onto the bed. He snaps his cuffs on my wrist and secures me to the bed. I want to scream in my frustration. But instead I burst into tears.

When I finally look up at him, his expression is both angry and confused. “What the hell is wrong with you?” He whispers and wipes his lips slowly, looking at his fingers as though the answer is somehow written across them.

What’s wrong with me?

From somewhere else, I can hear the man apologize. “I’m an asshole. I’m sorry Miss Ruiz.”

Vivisected. On-off-buzz-buzz-on-off.   

“Help me. Help me catch the people who did this to you and I promise I will protect you as much as I possibly can. I know I’m not a nice guy, but maybe you need someone like me in your corner?”


Go away, go away, go away.

 “You could be nice to me.” The words leave me in a shallow whisper.

He squints at me – suspicious

 “I’m in pain. Be nice to me? Make it go away?”

“I could call the nurse?”

“No.” I swallow, “Give me the picture.”

He shakes his head, “That’s not healthy Miss Ruiz. He isn’t a good man, no matter what he tried to convince you of.”

My heart aches. “Please…give me the picture.”

He stands. “I shouldn’t.”

Anger flashes through me and wars with my grief. “Then I guess I have nothing further to say.”

He scoffs, “So it’s like that is it?” I say nothing. Instead, I focus my eyes beyond him and on the window, ignoring the blur as my eyes brim with fresh tears.

Agent Wolber steps within my line of sight, but I only stare at his tie. “If I give you the picture? Will you tell me what happened? Will you answer my questions?”

I suck my bottom lip, running my tongue across it as I hold it between my teeth. It’s now or never and never isn’t truly an option. The inevitable is upon me. “Uncuff me.”

The agent’s eyes flicker over me. I know his mind must be racing with ideas on how to make me talk. He steps toward me, slowly, and cautiously removes the cuff from my wrist. “Well?” he says.

“I’ll tell you. Only you. In exchange, you’ll give me all the pictures you have of him. And you’ll get me out of here.” My heart is beating a frantic tattoo in my chest, but I gather my courage. I’m a survivor. “Give me the picture.”

Agent Wolber’s mouth twists with disappointment at the knowledge he cannot win this point from me. Reluctantly, he gathers his folder and hands me the photo of Caleb. “You’ll have to tell me what you know first, and then I can talk to my superiors and make a deal.  I promise I’ll do whatever I can to protect you. But you have to start talking. You have to tell me why it looks like you’re more involved with this than any eighteen-year-old-girl has any right to be.”

I sob and trace the familiar lines of his face. I love you, Caleb. I’ll protect you.

He shakes his head, “You’re better off here. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you’re the biggest media story in the country.”

I wince. I don’t want to know this.

“I’m gonna go get some coffee,” says Agent Wolber. But I know he’s giving me time to grieve in peace.
For the first time in five days, I am left alone. I suspect it will be the last time for a while that Caleb and I will have to spend together. With trembling lips, I kiss him.

I love you, Caleb.

This excerpt comes from Chapter 2. It's told in Caleb's point of view and takes place the morning after their sexually charged encounter at the end of Captive in the Dark. Caleb is naturally very confused about the state of his relationship with Livvie and the impending visit from Rafiq. He decides to take a shower and clear his head...

There was a knock on the door and Caleb’s head whipped toward it. Kitten had stepped inside, announcing herself with a knock, but not waiting for his answer. Shock assailed him. He couldn’t keep it from his face and without thinking he scrambled to turn the cold water on. This was private!
She could get out of bed on her own after all.

Well, at least she didn’t run. But where would she have gone like that anyway?
Kitten looked at him…everywhere. Even through the intense amount of steam, he could he see her fierce blush. Blushing virgin or not, her eyes did not deviate from his person.
Their eyes finally met.

“I…,” Kitten cleared her throat and began again, “I’m sorry, it’s just that I heard you in here and I –“
“Did you need something,” Caleb snapped. His emotions were scattered by her interruption. He felt exposed somehow, vulnerable, and he didn’t like it. But she was also naked, never having dressed again last night and that was confusing as well. Beneath his hands, his cock stirred and he wanted to wince at the stinging sensation of his punished flesh stretching and expanding.

Kitten straightened her spine and narrowed her eyes. “Yes. I need something. Lots of something’s. Where do you want me to start?”

More shock! Had she really just said that? To him? He knew he should be angry, but instead he turned his head to hide a smile. He spoke to the shower wall and tried to keep the amusement from his voice,

“Well, can it wait until I’m at least out of the shower?” And because he couldn’t help himself, he added, “Unless you’re looking to climb in here and return last night’s favor?” He hazarded a glance in her direction.

She blushed heatedly, but still held herself high, “Actually? Sort of. I mean…no, but….” She huffed, “I would like to take a shower too and since I’m practically crippled, I could use your fucking help. But not if you’re going to be an asshole about it.” She nodded, as if to say: There, I said it.
Livvie got in the car and slammed the door. She tried to hide it, but Caleb saw the way she winced and rubbed her collarbone.

“Happy? Have we taught the door a lesson?” Caleb taunted through a gentle laugh.

Her eyes narrowed in his direction, her rage unmistakable. “I can’t believe what you did to those people Caleb. You’re just...never mind. Can we just go please?”

Caleb’s ire, dormant because of his unexpected orgasm earlier, now rose to the surface. “Which part can’t you believe?” he snarled, jamming the key in the ignition of the stolen car and turning it.

“Is it the part where I rescued you from a bunch of would-be rapists that beat you half to death? Or perhaps the part where – at great risk to myself – I kidnapped a doctor to help save you? Which part is it, because I’d like to know which of those things I should never do for you again?” He threw the vehicle in gear and took off, for a moment uncaring that Livvie had been jostled in her seat.

Yeah. I thought so.
Caleb sat back, self-satisfied. It wasn’t like he killed them. The doctor and his wife were free to live their lives, no worse for wear. Livvie had been mortified to find the couple exactly as he had left them the night before – taped to their dining room chairs. Granted, the fact they had urinated on themselves during the course of the evening was distasteful, but they were otherwise unharmed and Caleb thought he deserved some credit for that.

After threatening their lives a little and getting their vows of silence renewed, he cut them free. He wasn’t even going to keep the car, he’d ditch it the moment they were out of the city and steal another. What was so horrible about that?

“Thank you,” Livvie muttered from the passenger seat.

“For what?” Caleb was still irritated.

“For saving my life. Even if you’re just going to put it in danger again,” she whispered.

Caleb had no response. It was exactly what he was going to do. Drive her to Tuxtepec, bring her to Rafiq, train her, sell her…lose her forever.

And kill Vladek. Don’t forget that part.  The thought didn’t assuage the guilt taking up residence inside him. His heart was heavy, his thoughts scrambled. Still, he couldn’t allow himself to show weakness. All the turmoil within him had to be hidden, from every one.

“You’re welcome, Kitten,” he scoffed. From the corner of his eye, he saw Kitten swipe at her eye and flick her tears toward the floor of the car. Ruining my life!

Things had been so much easier in the shower, easier when it was just the two of them and the outside world seemed irrelevant and beyond the reach of his thoughts. The world was in the car with them now and it was Kitten who seemed beyond reach.

After she’d made him feel more pleasure than he’d ever had – with a handjob, no less – he’d reveled in soaping her skin, watching intently as water sluiced over the taut peaks of her nipples, down the slopes of her tan belly and hips, and descending past the raven triangle between her thighs. He’d touched her there as well, sifted his fingers through her sparse hair until he felt her slippery flesh part under his fingers. It was like opening a flower, her petals pink and vibrant, shiny with dew and lust.

He’d knelt before her, worshipful. She’d opened for him, hungry, full of want. His every sense had been engaged and focused on her. He could smell her arousal, he could see the way her flesh darkened, and against his fingers he had felt her tremble, he had heard her soft whimpers. She had begged him to taste her. Slowly, he had licked her tiny bud.

Oh! How she had wanted him.

She’d spread wider and placed her fingers in his hair and pulled him closer.

“Beg me,” he’d whispered the words against her.

“Please, Caleb. Please lick me.”
He’d obeyed. One long, wet, lick across her open petals.

She sobbed, “Again. Please. Again.”

“Say you want me to lick your pussy.”

She gripped his hair tighter, “Caleb!” she’d grated.

“Say it. I want to hear more filth from your mouth.”

She hesitated. Her hips rocked toward his mouth, but he’d do no more than kiss her with his lips.

“Please, Caleb. L-lick my…pussy.”

Nothing had ever turned him on more. He’d pushed her legs wide, cradling her thighs on his shoulders and pressed his face into her pussy. Lick her? He fucking devoured her.

Pain had no longer seemed to be an issue for her as she undulated and rocked her hips against his rapacious mouth. Her hands held his head, pushing him deeper, demanding more, even as he gave and gave.

When she’d come, her pussy had gripped his tongue. Wet, pulsing, flesh fluttering against wet, pulsing, flesh. Her juices saturated his mouth, a rush of honey that he not only swallowed, but sucked from her flesh long after she had begged him to stop.

But that had been then. This was now.

Caleb sighed heavily, irritated by the turn of events. More bothersome than Kitten’s demeanor, was the prospect of Rafiq’s impending visit. He had tried to call Rafiq earlier while Kitten was getting dressed and combing her hair, there had been no answer. Caleb could only assume Rafiq was either on his way or ignoring him. He hoped it was the latter and not the former. The last thing he needed after what was sure to be a very long and taxing car trip was a confrontation with Rafiq.

Their relationship was beyond complicated. Rafiq was many things to Caleb. At one time, his guardian. Later, a friend. Now? Rafiq called him, brother. But Rafiq was also much more. Rafiq held a power and a sway over him that Caleb had never felt comfortable with. There were times when they argued that Caleb had seen things in Rafiq he wished never to see again.

Rafiq would stop at nothing to have his plans carried through. No one, not even Caleb, could keep Rafiq from doing the things he deemed necessary. If ever it came down to it, Rafiq would kill him, and therefore Caleb always had to be prepared to strike first. The truce lay in the fact that neither of them would relish the task.

As Caleb made his way through the narrow roads, he spared a thought to think about what he would do if Rafiq were waiting for them in Tuxtepec. A shiver ran down his spine.

Prepare her.

“It’s going to take us all day and part of tomorrow to reach our destination. I suggest that you take the time and wrap your mind around the seriousness of your situation. I forgive you for running away, but only because fate has done a better job of punishing you than I could.” Caleb kept his eyes forward, refusing to acknowledge the heartbroken girl next to him. But he didn’t have to see her to know how much his words hurt her. An echo of her pain seemed to reverberate through him. At least, that’s what he wanted to believe it was – an echo.

He recalled the press of her lips against his scars. She kisses my scars and I create new ones for her.

“So you’re still going to go through with it then?” Kitten’s tone was anguished, but also angry and determined.

She’s plotting her revenge already. She’ll never care for you. You’d die for nothing.

“I never said otherwise, Kitten. I’ve broken no promises to you,” Caleb grated. He knew he was being harsh, but it was all he was capable of at the moment. He had to slam the door shut on everything that had happened between them. It was the only way to move forward. The only way they would live.
Caleb expected her sobs at any moment. That was their dance: she fought him, he hurt her, she cried…he felt like shit. Repeat.

He was surprised to hear the steel in her voice when she snapped at him, “You promised me once that if I did as you asked, I would always come out better for it. Do you still believe that, Caleb? Do you think allowing you to sell me into sexual slavery will make me better? Fuck you.”

Anger surged and flared on the heels of his guilt. He had promised her that, but not in the way she proposed. “I mean to teach you how to survive this ordeal. I have always intended to arm you with what you’ll need. In that way, yes! I’ll keep my promise. But I’ve made other promises as well – to someone who has earned my loyalty.”

“Am I supposed to earn your loyalty, Caleb? Why? What about my loyalty? What have you done to earn that? You think you’re any better than those fucking bikers?” Caleb clenched his jaw.

“Don’t answer! You’re not! You’re even worse than they are. At least they knew they were monsters. You’re pathetic! You’re a monster who imagines he’s something else.”
“Uh!” That was the noise. Like a grunt mixed with a whimper.

“Uh!” This time something inside my belly tightened, muscle memory. I should have ignored it, but I couldn’t. In spite of everything that had happened to me, everything Caleb had put me through by deed or design, I still thought him the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

“Min fadlik!” he sighed loudly, but I didn’t know what it meant. Whatever it was though, it sounded…needy. What did Caleb need? And why did I find the idea of his need so intriguing?

I needed him to touch me, not want, because I didn’t want him to, I needed him to. Only his arms wrapped around me could make the nightmare dissipate, only the smell of him made me forget the fetid breath of the men who had attacked me. Only his. I was always grateful for his presence and resentful of it.

More sounds came from the bathroom and I couldn’t resist. I couldn't stop the rush of adrenaline coursing through my veins urging me into some kind of action, anything that would reveal to me what was happening behind the closed door.

I forced my steps toward the bathroom door, my body trembled and my palms were wet with sweat, but I couldn’t stop myself from knowing.

“Fuck.” The obscenity was little more than a whisper beyond the door as I pressed my ear against it. “Oh…yes baby” then something in another language, then “open your pussy.” I nearly fell against the door as my knees went weak. Between my legs I felt a gentle throbbing, that seemed to keep pace with my heart. Please, please don’t be fucking someone else.

I could hear the fan was on, which might have been why he felt safe making sounds. If I hadn’t been awake, I wouldn’t have heard him. I wondered if this was the first time. Forcing bravery I didn’t really feel I pressed on the latch to open the door. I gripped the latch in my fist until sweat seemed to squeeze between my fingers. The shower was to the left of the door, and I worried I wouldn’t be able to see without opening it fully and making my presence known, but there was a mirror to the right where I might be able to see his reflection. I could only pray he wasn’t directly facing the door or the mirror.

The door opened, just a crack, barely enough to get a finger through, but still my heart felt crammed into my throat for those breathless seconds I waited, hoping not to hear him yell at me or make a startled sound. Instead I only heard his heavy breathing and those same groaning sounds from before accompanied by a wet staccato rhythm. I knelt on the floor, not trusting my legs to support me as I pressed my cheek flush with the door and peeked inside. The room was steamy even with the fan and it aggravated me to no end. But soon, some of it cleared and I could just make out a shape in the mirror.

I dared to open the door a little wider, my adrenaline pumping through me in proportionate degrees to the opening in front of me. More steam drifted out of the room and settled on my face and neck, dripping like sweat into the well of my breasts before being absorbed by my shirt. The mirror was much clearer and finally I could make out the image in the shower.

I gasped, but Caleb didn’t hear me. I was sure he couldn’t. He was much too absorbed in what he was doing alone in the shower, only a few feet away from my prying eyes. I should have felt embarrassed or guilty but there was no way I could feel those things. All I could feel was the throbbing between my legs and the sharp pang of lust that punched me in the belly. He was fucking…perfect. Sooo fucking perfect.

He was facing the shower so I could only see him in profile. His skin was pink and white from the intensity of the water. One arm was braced against the wall, his long legs spread for balance as his head dipped toward his chest and he panted. His other arm was ridged; the muscles tense while his large hand held his enormous erection in his hand. I swallowed hard and licked steam from my lips.

The head was thick and a deep dusky pink as it slipped through his fist. The column of his cock seemed to get thicker the closer it got to his body, until his fingers had to grip hard to keep him contained at the base, as though his cock were an arrow and his fist the quiver. He didn’t shuttle his hand up and down the length of it, instead he rocked his hips into his fist, making the well-muscled globes of his ass hollow on each side as he thrust forward, his large, heavy-looking balls swaying between his splayed legs in a fluent rhythm.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away, didn’t even try. I wondered how much cum he held inside those large balls and if he’d given me all of it when he’d cum in my hand and on my breasts. I thought about the only time he’d been inside me and I could remember the sound of them slapping against the wet flesh of my pussy as he held me bent over and drove that meaty cock into me. The throbbing between my legs was intense. My own thoughts had me panting and wet. My thoughts were dirty and sexy and they flooded my body with every sensation imaginable.

“Make him love you,” Ruthless Me whispered. “Make it so he can’t live without you.”

“I can’t,” I whispered back. “I tried. He said my attempts are laughable. He doesn’t.”

“He will.”

“Uh…mmm…come on.” Caleb’s eyes were shut tight; his beautiful mouth open and the sexiest sounds I’d heard in my life were coming out of him.

His hips were thrusting faster, the cheeks of his ass flexing up and down as he put real effort into reaching his climax. He leaned his body forward resting his forehead against his forearm as he gritted his teeth and pumped that monstrous thing he called a cock back and forth through his wet fist. Rivulets of water fell from all over his gorgeous body and I was suddenly so thirsty. I wanted to kneel at his feet and lick water off of him, especially that impressive cock. I wanted to lick water off of it and suck it.

I was thinking of all the things I wanted to do when he let out a grunt, followed by a painful whine as ropes of thick semen burst out of his dick and covered his large hand before dripping down toward those heavy balls and eventually the shower floor.

Caleb was panting hard, his shoulders rising and falling with the effort. His beautiful face was red with exertion, but if possible, it made him look even more handsome. I wanted to continue to admire him, but doing so felt like a betrayal – of me. The facts were still the facts and the facts were that he didn’t really care about me. He was using me and each day I didn’t find a way out of this predicament was another day closer to the one when he would sell me to a cruel stranger.