Friday, January 4, 2013

On Dublin Street

I can't believe my fortune in reading not just one, but two outstanding romantic reads in less than one week. Alas, I ended up reading them way too fast, and now I've got nada in the potential department. Oh well, anyways, here you go. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, even with its myriad of angst and errors/typos. But, if you can look past the little things, you might be in for a good read.

On Dublin Street
In one word-Hot. Okay, maybe two words-Hot & Sizzle. The couple in this book made the pages sizzle, and then some. I can't really categorize this book as a Romance, Chic-lit, or even Erotica, due to its style and various subject matter. The main character is a troubled girl, but seems pretty mature for her age.

Sparks ignite when she meets a charming and very hot man on her way to finding a new flat. This one has it all, heartbreak, love, and sizzle dizzle. Lots of sexy times, but also a lot of heartfelt feelings from this emotionally crippled young woman. There were a couple of lulls at the beginning, but it quickly gets going and turns up a notch once the couple is in full swing. The banter and sexual chemistry from this couple alone make it worth the read, even with all the angst and mistakes I found throughout.

Now on my list of all time favorite couples, right next to Cat & Bones. I look forward to more.

-Life is too Short to Read a Bad Book-

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