Saturday, December 29, 2012

My New Kindle Paperwhite

This fifth generation Kindle, maybe one of my favorites. The previous Kindle disaster, known as the Kindle Touch, left much to be desired, with its problematic touch screen and design. It was so unpopular, it's no longer being produced. Unlike the K3, which still can be found on Amazon's Site.

So here's the deal. I never thought I "needed" a light for my Kindle. Or maybe it was just that I liked reading my Kindle naked, and I never wanted to be tied down to a cover, just so I could utilize a light. However, eye strain has been a real concern of mine these last couple of years.

Amazon was a little late on this year's Kindle release, so I had to wait a good couple of months after its release, before I could order it, due to being away on business. But as soon as I could, I ordered the fully loaded KPW (Kindle Paper White).  And gasp, I wasn't disappointed.

First impressions: I wish I knew Spanish.  Damn those 7 yrs of useless Latin.  As in, it reverted to a language, not of my choosing, and I had to get CS to walk me through getting it back to English. After that interesting start, I quickly noticed its petite size. Almost the same as the Basic Kindle, which I've been using for a little over a year. However, weight is definitely more substantial than the former, but still manageable.

Now for the clincher.  No more squinting or having to adjust my environment, in order to read more comfortably.  I'm also happy to say that the Touch Screen is very much improved over the previous Touch.

  • Let there be Light (Yes it's awesome and I'm not using Tablet or LCD-Take that Ipad lovers)
  • Almost the same size as the Basic Kindle.  Fits a Quart Size Bag (Don't Ask), and old sleeve fits this one as well.
  • Touch Screen has been improved, and can be used covered up, without having to worry about accidental page turning.
  • You can also shut off the annoying recommendations, I noticed when I first began using it.
  • Sleek Graphite body, with wrap around rubber bumper.
  • New feature that tells you how much time remaining in the Book or Chapter.
  • The "Go-To" feature now has Chap selections 
  • Heavy (but manageable)
  • Screen backlight uniformity is not consistent.  As in, I bought two of these and one had better uniformity than the other.
  • No Sound (This is not something I would ever use, but I know some people care).
  • Wireless On/Off, still in Settings Page, as opposed to being able to switch it in the Menu section.  This previous versions had this setting in the Menu bar, so why the change?  More navigation is now needed to change this setting.
  • Still no side buttons on the Touch. I want my buttons back dammit!  I would also love to be able to disable the touch feature.  That is, if they brought the buttons back.  I hold my reader with my left hand, which is the side I can't flip pages on.  No more one handed reading.  Lazy, but there it is.
  • Battery wears down way faster than advertised, and I always have it in airplane mode.  ??
  • Touch Screen is still not perfect.  I still have issues with skipping too many pages or not putting enough pressure to turn the page.
  • Still the same 6" size.  Why not bigger, but not the ginormous 10" please. 

In summary, even with its various imperfections, I'm loving this new Kindle version.  My eyes are happy, and so am I.  Having said that, I would drop this Kindle like a hot potato, if say, Amazon released a version with side page buttons.  Hint, Hint.

Kindles I've owned in order from best to worst:

1-Kindle Paperwhite: Not perfect, but probably the best thus far.
2-Basic Kindle: Perfectly Basic and Light, Keyboard navigation is horrific.
3-K3: Much improved Contrast and Case. Love if it wasn't so heavy and big.
4-K2: My first Kindle, yay ereading.  I didn't have much to compare it to at the time.
5-Kindle Touch: Just annoyingly bad. Such high hopes too.

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