Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Book, long beginning

The Vampire King
Book #1

Thirteen supernatural kings break through a vast loneliness to find their mate, after a female Were shatters long felt curse that seems to plague every supernatural being. Each story focuses on a king, their realm, and the mate they are destined to discover.

I actually liked this book, but it wasn't all roses. The majority of the issues happened at the beginning. Almost like the first half was written way earlier than the 2nd half. Let just say, the first half was  a hot mess.  And if you're able to trudge past it, you will ultimately be rewarded. Not to say, it's some-sort of UF breakthrough. But it's was different and satisfying enough to hold my interest and make me quite glad I read it.

Not your typical Alpha Vamp Romance. A lot of worldbuilding/backstory, to the point of too much too soon. More explanation, makes for a long drawn out beginning.  A well written and developed story, makes this a bit more intriguing than your run-of the mils.

Holy sub-plot. As in, too many are introduced at the beginning all at once. It's very difficult to keep them straight, keep my attention, and connect them all, along with all the characters introduced. Too many romances and couples are introduced in the first book as well. I can usually only handle about two at a time, but I think I  counted at least 4 budding relationships, within the first half of this book.

Overall, a really good book that breaks through your typical alpha-male vampire ParaRomance. Well written and somewhat unique, if a bit long-winded confusing in regards to the worldbuilding. Still the the romantic tension and storyline is reasonably good.  I look forward to more, especially now that I think this author has really reached her stride.
It was immediate for Roman. In three thousand years, he’d never lost control of his emotions, or his heart. But the moment he laid eyes on Evelynne Farrow, he knew she was the woman who haunted his dreams. And everything changed.


Evie Farrow has always loved a good vampire romance. In fact, she makes a living writing them. While sitting in a coffee shop and working on her next mega-hot book, Evie is approached by a tall, dark, and handsome man who could have been pulled directly from one of her novels.

Unbeknownst to her, Roman D’Angelo is exactly what he appears to be – a vampire, and not just any vampire, but the king of vampires.

Unfortunately, while Roman is both ancient and invulnerable, Evie is flesh and blood. Just as Roman decides that he and Evie have a date with destiny, for reasons of their own, an ancient god and a homicidal vampire take an equally strong interest in her. To make things more complicated, there’s something very special about Evie. Something not quite human.

Can Roman fight off the incredible forces that would have Evie as their own long enough to win her heart, or will destiny betray him, and destroy everything he has ever dreamed of?

“Lalura had told him about her vision. Thirteen kings on a chess board – and thirteen queens….

-Life is too Short to Read a Bad Book-

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Future UF Debut-Release

In a Fix
Book #1

Really not bad for a debut. I don't say this often, but it starts off a tad too fast and deep in the thicket of things. It was a little confusing at first and a bit hard to get into for that reason. However, after hanging in there for a couple of chapters, it quickly turns more fun than cumbersome.

Fast paced and fun, edging slightly towards light-hearted and humorous UF story telling, Ciel is a for-hire aura-sort of shifter. I still don't quite get the whole slipping on another person's aura, without exactly shifting, and becoming another person for a time. In this story, there are quite a bit advantages to doing just that. Ciel slips on the auras of those who hire her, in order to help with their various social/professional problems. Her best friend and "honorary" cousin, Billy, is all jack-of-all-trade kind of guy, who is of course hot, and always insufferable. The other longtime man in her life is Mark, Mr. Secret Agent Man himself, her brother's best friend, and her full time and constant crush.

Suffice it to say, this book is chock-full of action, humor, and of course romance. Somewhat fresh and sometimes a little ridiculous, but never boring, you will see random and various things like evil Neo-Vikings, mean but cute kids, & humans getting catapulted. As I stated at the beginning, not a bad start. I really look forward to reading more. And isn't that the true test of whehter a book or series debut was truly successful?

 Warning: Some Sexual Situations-Humor, but no Sex. Some Violence, but nothing too grotesque.

-Life is too Short to Read a Bad Book-