Monday, June 4, 2012

Future Release PNR

Book #2

This one was really hard to judge objectively, since it followed Firelight, which I enjoyed immensely. I truly couldn't see this plot, about Ian the Alpha Were, being anywhere near as fresh or exciting as the first book. And although my eyes did start to gloss over when Were world-building hit full stride, I did ended-up surprisingly enjoying this book overall.

In Moonglow, we learn more about Ian, the exiled Alpha Were, and about the curvaceous widow-Daisy, who he instinctively protects from the crazed Were that starts to terrorize the city. I give the banter and romance between the two MCs about a B+. It just wasn't as hot as the first book's MCs, since there really wasn't all that much effort put into building the necessary conflict or sexual tension, prior to them resolving their differences.

The Were subplot ended up being rather decent, even though I think I've read enough Were stories for two lifetimes. Thankfully enough, the book didn't just revolve around Ian & Daisy's romance woes, but also on the rest of the sisters & their own interesting supernatural lives, with a deeper focus on Poppy and Winston towards the end, presumably for the upcoming book's setup.  We also get a few nudging hints of a history & possible story between Ian's valet, Jack Talent, and Mary Chase. The weakest part of the whole thing for me was the ending and resolution to Daisy's mortality. It just seemed strange & somewhat unresolved, and the book left a lot of unanswered questions about  a couple of other characters as well.

In summary, this book was better than I expected, yet I was oddly disappointed that it didn't leave me with the same amount of excitement and satisfaction as the first. Having said that, I have to say that this has got to be one of the better PNR series I've read. I look forward to reading about Poppy and Winston in the upcoming book, Winterblaze.

Warning: Violence & Sexual Content

                                 2-Moonglow (July 31, 2012)  (Ian/Daisy)
                                 3-Winterblaze (Mar 2013) Poppy/Winston

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  1. Thanks for the review! As I said on my blog, the romance was a huge selling point and plus for the first book. I think I will wait for reviews on book 3 to see if I want to continue right away.

  2. Romance was definitely lacking in this one for me, but I like the world, and I also look forward to more. Thanks for your reviews as well. I think we are mostly on the same page, in regards to the books we like.

    Best romance/book as of late was the Janus Affair, but we have to wait for more dammit.