Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wickedly Imaginative, but..

Wicked as they Come
Book #1

This one isn't like anything I've ever read before. The plot is outlandish, but fun and entertaining. A well written, image filled, and easy to read book, that kept me glued, at least at the beginning. A jumble of different genres, Steampunk/Witchpunk, Fantasy, Vampirism, and Romance, makes this one difficult to categorically define.

The male protaginst is not your run-of-the-mil hot brooding alpha male lead, you get with most bodice rippers. A mix between Willy Wonka and Merry Poppins, with a dash of fabio for good measure. I don't think I've ever read a story with killer-blood sucking bunnies or caravans full of carnies. I don't normally equate carnies as being hot or all that interesting.

However, this good book does fail in one major way, and that's with its dispassionate tone. The interaction between the main characters and the dialogue just seems to fall a tad flat & emotionless. However, this might only be due to the style of the genre or the era that the alternative world emulates.  Either way, it was the main thing that kept this one from being a Top Read.
Trish is a down on her luck, after a rather bad breakup from an abusive and controlling man. After she finds an old beaten up locket at an estate sale, the world as she knows it turns upside down. Muddled and divided between two realities, Trish has to find her way home before all is lost, including her sick and elderly Grandmother. But can she leave behind the wondrous and deliciously handsome Bludman, who is quickly whittling his way into her heart? Alice has nothing on Trish, as she flips between her normal life, as a broken hearted & rather bored hospice nurse to a courted gypsy who has the power of foresight.

In Summary, this book was Incredibly imaginative and well written, but I often found my mind wondering, leading me to put this book down on several occasions. Simply put, the lack of emotion, character ARC (Somewhat Shallow), and heat between the MCs (it just wasn't believable), prevented me from embracing it fully.  Those who aren't looking to commit to a whole series, will be happy to know that this books ends the current MC's story.

Warning: Sexual Content (2 scenes) and a bit on the Gruesome side

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-Life is too Short to Read a Bad Book-

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