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Top Reads: A Perfect Blood

A Perfect Blood
Book #10

A top read for 2012. This book exceeded my relatively low expectations, stemming from the book's initial reviews and impressions. I found the book extremely well written/edited, constructed and just plain enjoyable. If I had to use one word to describe this book, it would be "Tension". As in, it's chock-full of it. Dramatic, Sexual, and Thrilling tension. I was so caught up in it all, I barely had time to lament about missing a of few of my favorite things like Big Al and the Ever-After. Big Al does make a couple of appearances, but nothing like he does in the previous books.

There is a lot of forward moment in this book, as Rachel's ARC comes full circle. This began in the last book, but it is taken one step further here, as she begins to not only see people and situations in new light, but starts to accept and trust those people, along with herself. Because we still have more than a couple of books until the grand finale, Harrison is taking these realizations a bit slow, especially in discovering and getting to Rachel's HEA. Not to say we don't get any interesting and meaty chapters between Trent and Rachel in this book. No, we still got plenty to chew on and enjoy, as we slowly gain momentum on that front as well. However, as one person put it, it's sometimes two steps forward and one step for those two, as it probably always will be until the very end.

The only complaint I have is the less than exciting ending. I wouldn't go so far as to call it cheesy as some have described it. More like somber compared to the rest of the book. It still felt satisfying, rounding out what is easily one of my favorites for the year, thus far.

Overall, I enjoyed this book immensely even though we do still have some time to wait to see everything come to fruition. Oh, but the journey will be oh so sweet.

I look forward to reading the upcoming Short, contained in the Novella-Into the Woods, set to be released early Oct. Written in Trent's POV, it is the events regarding Trent's covert operation to take his daughter-Lucy back, with Jinks by his side.
Favorite Quotes:

-Trent & Rachael-

"Why are you always angry at me?"-Trent

"Don't do that,"-Rache "Do what?"-Trent "Sit on your desk and look Sexy"-Rache

Trent's eyes flashed open, wide and wondering as his chanting stoped. "My god," he whispered, suddenly tense and shocked. The heat of the charm lay in his eyes, the promise of what could be-what might be if I could trust another with my heart again. And it hurt knowing it wasn't mine.

"It's not a circle," Trent said, his words a breath on my ear...Al, though, seemed to know what it was as his hand clenched and dropped inches from touching me. He drew back, his expression both disgusted and amazed.."Can you stop that, please?" "Sorry. It's not supposed to hurt." "It didn't," I said, not wanting to admit that it had felt pretty damn good. Al snickered, and again I blushed, lifting my chin.

"You have ever-after dust on all over your face." I slid from his desk, feeling frumpy in my black sweats but bursting with success. "Right here," I said... leaning over him brushing my thumb under his eye. Trent jerked, his hand reaching up to grip my wrist.

"Sex changes people more than wars,"-Wayde "Where does sex come into this?"-Rache

-Interesting insights-

I Shifted the heavy glass on my knees. It used to be alive, but now it felt dead. Or was I the one who was dead?

I blinked in surprise as she bent down and gave me a chaste peck on the cheek, like you might see to friends give each other in parting...There hadn't been a twinge of reaction from my scar. I didn't know if that was a good thing or not...Were the toxins finally wearing off, or had she truly let go? (truly interesting. Who is letting go finally. I'm thinking it's Rachel.)

I was glad Ivy was moving on. I just wished I wasn't quite so alone.

-Life is too Short to Read a Bad Book-

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