Sunday, May 6, 2012

Really Good, But not for Everyone

Captive in the Dark
Book 1 of 2-Erotica

Altogether too short, but incredibly and surprisingly very good. I'm not an Erotica fan by any stretch, but I did enjoy this book. Well written and captivating, I couldn't help but read this in just one sitting. I was oddly entranced by both main character's stories, and their shared pain of depravity and strong will for survival. The author also somehow managed to create a redeemable and empathetic character from one willing to inflict pain & humiliation on others, just as others inflicted upon him.

"This isn't a romance. You're not a damsel in distress and I'm not the handsome prince come to save you."  No. He wasn't. In real life you had to save yourself.

Caleb is a man who spent half his life in the pursuit of revenge. Revenge against what others have done to him and his rescuer's family. In escaping the depravity of his early years, he slowly becomes the monster that he once abhorred.

In order to enact the final stages of his revenge, he sets out on snaring an unwilling victim to train as a submissive, for the purpose of selling her as a sex slave to the very man he has long dreamt of destroying. The only issue is that his surprisingly strong-willed and complicated captive might be a bit more than his experienced hands & heart can handle.

In summary, I enjoyed this book, but I definitely would have held back in reading it if I knew it ended just short of a satisfying conclusion. As in, this does end in a cliffhanger of sorts, and would have been better tackled after the 2nd book and its conclusion was published.

Warning: For Mature audiences only. This most definitely isn't for everyone, it's quite disturbing on so many levels. If can get past that, it really is a very good book.  Lots of sexually charged scenes, but only one with the full act. There is also violence, murder, Sodomy, and rape flashbacks, but nothing as far as cruelty or complete forceable sex by the captor-Caleb.

On a side note: For some reason this book reminds me of the Fever series.  The protagonist reminds me of Mac when she was a Priya and her captor has a bit of JZ.  It might have something more to do with the author's writing style though.  

2-Seduced in the Dark (Sep 2012)  Excerpts

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