Wednesday, May 23, 2012

PNR Pick

Blood Law
Book 1

Pretty decent Shifter PNR. This one is about cursed twin Lycan brothers, torn apart by a blood law and a sibling feud. In order to break the curse and provide payment for killing his brother's mate, Rafael must give up his chosen. And in so doing, sentence his true love and an innocent to death.

The story starts off more akin to folklore than a run-of-the-mil romance. The world building turned out to be quite interesting and fairly good, and it also did a good job of offsetting the romance/love triangle subplot. The writing is pretty decent as well. As per usual, you have your typical alpha male and destined romance, but surprisingly enough, the Female protagonist is no ones's fool, even with her tank 1/2 past empty (as in starving and hurt) for a good quarter of the book.

The romance does get a bit muddy with the love triangle, but I thought the romance between the two MCs was pretty hot and believable. A nice twist at the end gives this one an added surprise that wasn't completely predictable. I really enjoyed this one overall, and only took off a star for the epic cliffhanger at the end. Way to ruin an already decent book. What can I say, I hate cliffhangers.

Warning: Cliffhanger Ending, 4 1/2 Stars otherwise.

Update:  Even though some parts were relatively okay, I could not bring myself to finish the 2nd book.   I made it about 80% of the way before I started skimming and calling it quits.  3 stars for Blood Right.

3-Blood Vow  (Dec 04, 2012)

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