Friday, May 18, 2012

A Book Review

Book #3

*May Contain Mild Spoilers*

I liked this one better than the last. No wasted space and the pace was dead on. Even though I thought this book wasn't at all bad and it was definitely a step up from the last, I still had a couple of issues that kept me from marking it as a Top Read.

I'm still on the fence on whether I truly like or care about the protagonist. A particular issue I had were the non-sequiturs or inconsistencies by the protagonist. For example, even though Ruby spends a few pages on explaining that she in fact agrees with her friends, that driving is the last thing she should be doing in her current condition, she turns around and does exactly that in the scene that follows. My other issue is the sex scene. I can understand the author is trying to keep it clean, and in doing so, doesn't include much description on that front. However, when you say that the moment the couple "joins" they both come instantly, it just seems utterly unrealistic and ridiculous.

I also had issues with the dialogue in general. It just didn't seem to flow all that well or natural at times. And my last issue is with the Scooby-doo cliched ending wrap-up. Whenever the hero nets the bad guy at the end and he provides you with a super lengthy & neat explanation/monologue, with just a bit of prodding, that's when you know you've reached pay dirt. Don't pass go or collect $200 dollars.

In regards to the book's main plot, I never really felt any of the dramatic tension the conflict intended on building, since I never felt the protagonist was truly in any danger. Maybe I need to work on my suspension of disbelief a bit more. I also felt a lack of romantic tension and heat between Ruby and any of her many suitors. I actually I got more from the police officer she kept running into and maybe the odd scene where she befriends a lady shopping, which I guess wasn't intended judging by the turn of the events. And I almost forgot my biggest WTH moment, where my brain just didn't want to accept, was the big Sean reveal. I know, I know, this is fantasy and you should already have your I-Believe party hat on, but I don't think I'm buying what's being peddled on that front. Time will tell.

In summary, even though I had some "issues" with this book, I general liked it and really thought it was thoroughly entertaining and well paced. There's a lot of great scenes and wth moments. And if I can't decide whether I like the protagonist, I can safely say I do like her alter-ego and Cooper for that mater. Sean I can do without.

-Life is too Short to Read a Bad Book-

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