Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Project & Ramblings

I'm currently in the middle of a major Entertainment upgrade, which is sort of silly for someone who doesn't even have cable/sat and spends most of the time reading.  The uprgraditis hit me about 7 months ago, when I departed from my last place in Northern Cali. Unable to easily rid myself of my back-breaking old CRT, I was resolved to handling LR Audio and my bedroom's A/V setup for now.

Phase 1: Living Room
Old: 5-Speaker Sony HTIB w/ AVR & Sub
          Zenith dvd player
New:  RX-v671 Yamaha 7.1 AVR ($340)
            1 Polk Center ($99)
            2 Polk Towers ($215)
            2 Boston Acoustic CR67 bookshelf Speakers Surrounds ($99)
            HSU VTF-1 10" Subwoofer ($399)
            Panasonic 3D BD Player (Free-After Selling Avatar 3D)

Phase 2: Bedroom
Old:  20" Samsung CRT
            Pair of Bose Computer Speakers
            Sony dvd player
New:  37" Panasonic LED Tv  ($430)
            1 Pair of BA CR67 Bookshelf Speakers ($89)
            8" Outlaw Subwoofer ($175)
            Old Sony AVR, from HTIB
            Panasonic 3D BD Player (Free -After selling Avatar 3D)
            Belkin Universal Wireless Tv Adapter/Bridge ($16.99)

Phase 3: Entertainment Center
I actually like my old entertainment center. It matches the rest of my furniture and it has plenty of space to hid all my junk, however it doesn't fit anything bigger than a 37" LED tv. I sort of figured I painted myself into a corner all those years ago when I bought the darn thing. So the old center goes, and that's the part where I'm currently at now.

I really wanted this:

But at $1400+ and not having the opportunity to check it out first, it wasn't really an option for me.

So instead I bought this unfinished center for $311, with the hope that I can recreate a similar look of the uber expensive one.  It took almost a month to receive it, but now I'm pretty excited with the possibilities. 

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