Sunday, February 5, 2012

Phase 3: Weekend Project

The center was sitting at my doorstop yesterday, right after returning from my 4th hardware store visit. Trying to find the best color of stain and method is proving a bigger challenge than finding the right piece of furniture. I do have staining experience, but mostly with Minwax waterbased stain. The oil is way too messy, odoriferous, and takes forever to dry. This time around, I had to ditch the waterbased, since they don't come any "natural" looking colors.

Okay so here is what it's supposed to look like unfinished and assembled.

This is what it looks like, right out of the box:

1-Minwax Gel Stain (Cherrywood)
2-220 grit sand block
3-Oil based Pre-conditioner 
4-Oil based Satin Polyurethane 

Of course after reading the instructions, my excitement dwindled a bit, because now I have to run to the store, yet again, for wood glue this time.  

My only issue was where to start.  Should I sand each piece first outside, then assemble and stain or stain and assemble?  I have a bit of a predicament with not a lot of room and a apartment rule against staining, so I'm going to have to do this on the D-L and mostly inside.  I hope I don't suffer any brain damage as a result. 

So I decided to stain everything first outside, then assemble at the end.  My first go with the gel stain turned out pretty good, but I'm unsure if this is "The" color.  

The gel is thicker than I imagined and has the consistency of pudding:

One coat on a unseen piece of wood:

This is two coats later, and while it's nice, I'm still not sure whether I should get another color and go over it.  I plan on adding one more coat later tonight.  I might go two-toned later after assembly.  

At this point, my tv console is looking more like the item below, than my original inspiration.  Please chime in if you have any suggestions or tips.  Thanks

Update: After lots of sweat and tears (okay, there weren't many tears involved), I finally finished. Yippee.  Now I'm working on my first computer build this weekend

Finished Product:

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