Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Overpriced E-Reads

I've never heard of St. Martin's Griffin Publishing House before today. I'm not usually all that interested about the ends outs of how my daily entertainment makes it from author to reader, but when two of my most wanted new releases are priced higher than a steak dinner at Sizzler, I take notice. I don't know what this publishing house is thinking pricing an e-book so high, considering it takes zero dollars to produce or distribute it, minus the fees associated with selling on different sites.

Here is hoping that this isn't product of a greedy cooporation, but just the extra costs associated with the production and marketing of these books and maybe a donation to helping this company with their yearly altruistic endeavors, like helping the very need kids of Bavaria out. Because there are needy kids there as well, I know, I looked it up.

Third Grave of the Left
Book #3

E-Price: $10.99
Book #2 E-Price: $9.99

Saddie Walker is Stranded   
Book #2

E-Price:  $9.99
Book #2 E-Price: $14.99 discounted to $9.99

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