Sunday, February 5, 2012

$50 Walmart Gift Card w/ Kindle Fire Purchase

Walmart Stores are selling the Kindle Fire 7" 8GB WiFi Tablet + $50 Walmart Gift Card for $200. So, essentially Walmart is selling the Kindle Fire for $150.  This deal can be had on Walmart online.  I'm not sure if this deal is available in the store.  Valid from Feb 5th-14th.
Walmart Link   Slickdeals info Link

In sad Sunday news, my PC's hard drive finally shit the bed, after yet another unceremonious power surge (however it was like 9yrs old, so it had to have happened sometime). This has got to be the 10th power surge I've experienced in my new place.  I finally waved the white flag and order a couple of UPS' in anticipation for the next siesta. Anyways, it might be quiet around here until I get my new hard drive.

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