Wednesday, December 7, 2011

HM: Caledonia Fae

Some of you might be wondering what HM might mean. HM (Honorable Mention). I utilize this label whenever I find a book or a series that seems worth mentioning, but for whatever reason it didn't quite live up to my particularly fickle tastes. I usually file items such as these into my PNR list, but the following series, while romantic in nature, is more or less YAish Fantasy.

Caledonia Fae
A pretty decent Fantasy about Eilidh, an exiled faerie unjustly sentenced to death. Just as she grows accustom to exile in Scotland, local police discover a mutilated body outside the abandoned church where she lives. Recognizing the murder as work of one of her own kind, Eilidh must choose to either flee or learn to tap into the forbidden magic that cost her everything. The first book has a good mix of UF/Fantasy/PNR and the 2nd leans more towards Fantasy. The series follows Eilidh and her druid love interest, as they become embroiled in a fae racial war.

 These books are fairly well written and paced, and the worldbuilding is interesting enough to get caught up in. The only issue I with these books is the mild content and the little miss innocent routine played by our 120yr old protagonist. I would describe these books a little YAish, with no sex being described and a majority of the violence being skimmed over or omitted completely. However, there are a couple graphic violent scenes in the first book, so I caution recommending these books to young teens.
Warning: Some Violence, Very Light Sexual Content/YAish.

3-Enemy of the Fae

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