Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Good Second Effort

Kissed by Fire  (2.99)
Book #2

Overall, I really enjoyed the second book in the Sunwalker series, but maybe not quite as much as the first. Just like the first book, this book is both imaginative and well written. The author seems to know exactly where she plans to take this series. The storyline isn't a rehash of the 1st and it didn't completely run a predictable course either. I thought the writing and flow of this book also greatly improved over the 1st.

However, a couple of things did keep me from giving this read five stars. The tone was definitely more somber than the first and the humor seemed to be missing. I'm not sure if it was a slower pace or somber tone, that kept me from joyfully devouring this one in just one go. Three quarters the way through, interest and pace did seem to pick up, and I quikly read through the rest without any difficulty. I think the majority of my issue was the somber and somewhat depressive beginning. Hopefully the humor returns in the next book.

But as I said, I still really enjoyed this book, and it was a fairly quick read. Not many books have peeked my interest as of late, so I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from this author in the future. For those that haven't read the first book in this series, I strongly suggest starting there first.

Warning: Some violence and Sexual Content.

Sunwalker Saga

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