Monday, December 26, 2011

Another promising series disappoints

Kissed by Smoke
Book #3

The first book is the best of bunch. The 2nd book was just okay, and the third book, if it can be called that, left me disinterested in this series. The magic that made the first book pretty decent, seems to be missing in the followups. Still a decent series but I have to warn potential readers of a possible disappointment.

This book is a little longer than a novella and it felt entirely too rushed. It's like the author lost all of her momentum and just delivered a stock story she had handy. Little to no romantic tension and a plot I really could care less about, and I just wanted it to be over already. I called it quits after about 75% of the way through.  The other issues I had, were the over-the-top comical superpowers that the protagonists was starting to exhibit on a regular basis.  It was cool at the beginning of the series, now it just seems silly.  I also felt the characters lacked the same amount of depth and their brief interactions were just peripheral to the superpower-fae conflict plot.  Again, it was rushed and everything seemed to be effected by the lack of time vested in either the characters or  plot development.

A little too harsh you say?  I admit, I sometimes wonder if my poor opinion is just a product of a bad day or reading slump.  But then, I think about my own reading motto of life being too short to read a bad book or one you just aren't feeling.  And this book, my friend, I just wasn't feeling.

I think I can positively say, I  won't be seeking out the next book in this series anytime soon.

Sunwalker Saga

-Life is too Short to Read a Bad Book-

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