Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kindle Accessories Review

BUILT Kindle and Kindle Touch Neoprene Envelope Case $29.99
I purchased this Envelope because I was tiring of repurchasing different sleeves and covers every time I got a new Ereader or upgraded. I had the Built Open Sleeve for my old K3, which I liked, but it's considerably too large for the new Kindle. It fits, but without a closure and snug grip, the ereader is liable to fall out if it's accidently turned upside down or sideways.

I've also previously purchased the Timbuk2 nylon envelope for a older version Kindle (K2), but I disliked its stiff bulkiness.

This Envelope gets 3 1/2 stars for the following reasons:

Pro: The shell is very well padded and secure, and the interior is plush and soft, with no chance for scratches.

Note/Observations: For those that are curious, no the K3 (Kindle Keyboard) does not fit into this envelope. It's a little over 1/2" too long. I have a feeling the new Timbuk2 envelope for K4/Touch might, since they usually run big.

Cons: The shell is already well padded, just like their other Open Sleeves, but the flap closure is just as padded and creates added bulkiness, that really isn't necessary IMO. I also really don't understand the side zipper pocket. I personally will never use it, unless I'm traveling for an extended period of time. There is also a bit of clunkiness in regards to it in the closed state. It does not exactly lay flat and flush (puffs out on the front top sides).

Overall, I'm a bit disappointed, especially for $30. I already have other sleeves that sort of work, so I don't need another I don't really care for. I'm returning this one and trying out the new Timbuk2 soft envelope.

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