Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yep, Tangler is Down

Update II: Tangler came back up yesterday Oct 17th, but it's still loading slow for me, which is making me nervous. Hopefully it won't be crashing again anytime soon.

Update: This is the email response I received from Tangler today, regarding the issue:

Dear Steph

Thanks for your email. We greatly apologise for all the inconvenience during this protracted but temporary outage. Our network operations are hosted in the US and limited weekend resource has exacerbated the issue.

May we write to you again in 24 - 30 hours time (US PST Monday) with advice as to when users can expect the outage to be resolved.

Kind regards, Alex
Tangler Pty Ltd
I have no idea why our favorite forum has been down for almost a week. It's not working for anyone it seems. I just sent a email to Tangler's listed email addy, but they are based out of Australia, so it might take some time to get a response. Here is a link to their contact info and blog, which hasn't been maintained for over a year.

Here is their FB Pages:  &

I'll post an update, once I learn more.


  1. Hi Wolfy, I've sent out two emails to Tangler. First one 10/8/11 They said: "Regret that it now looks it will take awhile to resolve this outage with weekend engineering limitations. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We will advise as soon as service is returned".

    Best, Alex von Kotze, Tangler

    And the 2nd 10/11/11 said: "Site will be back up. Have a meeting with the team tomorrow on timings. Have noted to email you afterwards. Thanks for bearing with us".

    Kind regards, Alex

    I can't believe it hasn't been maintained for over a year! What's up with that? Now I'm wondering if it will be back.


  2. Thanks for the update! I'm not sure why the blog hasn't been updated, but it would have been a good idea to post info on the outage somewhere, like their blog or facebook page. They have done neither.

    I bet there is a lot of people wondering when they will be back online.

  3. Look what I find!/tangler

  4. Cool. Thanks for the link. Last msg was on the 11th, stating that services would be back ASAP. Meanwhile, I still can't get in.

  5. hey girls, I've had the same problem with the forum, and am very upset for not being able to get in touch with you. I'm beginning to think they'll never be up :(( maybe we should build our forum elsewhere, if things stay this way, I would hate to lose what we have

  6. Definitely. I'm sure there are other forums like Tangler out there. Judy is the computer wiz, so maybe she can comment.

    However, the people at Tangler have stated that this is only temporary. This is probably one of the longest down times I've seen, since I've joined the boards a few years ago.

    It would probably be best to come up with an alternative meet-up site, even if the site comes back on line.

  7. Just an additional option, which I've brought up in the past on Tangler, is to start our own community blog. I'm also open to adding authors to my blog. They would have the freedom to post whatever they want and customize the style and layout. It might be better than reinventing the wheel.

  8. Actually I really like the new blogger Templates (especially the Magazine view). It's a bit lacking in the widget and layout customization support. That's the only reason I haven't switched.

    It would be pretty easy for us to just start a new blog. We just need a venue (like blogger or wordpress) and decide on a name. I'm more familiar with blogger, obviously, but I would be open to other hosts.

    Of course a blog wouldn't be a perfect solution to Tangler, but it would be a great supplement for reviews and topics users would like to post.