Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I finally made it to my new home in Virginia one piece (always a good thing). Well, I haven't exactly found a place to hang my hat, but I'm currently working on it now.  It still might be awhile until I can post regularly again, as I have to snatch my internet access at hotspots and random peoples houses.

Trip Stats:
Miles Driven: 3700mi
Days to Drive: 10Days (yeah I took my time)
Most Scenic State: AZ
Most Scenic drive: I-395 (East Cali)
Scariest Drive: Ca-168 at Night
Think The Hills Have Eyes & Pitch Black
Highest Gas Prices: $4.69 Yosemite National Park
Lowest Gas Prices: $3.15 South of Greenville, SC
The most Patrolled Interstates: I-17 (AZ) & I-85 (NC)
# of Speeding Tickets Received: 0 (thank you cruise-control)
Hottest Places: 104° San Antonio, Tx
Coldest Places: 45° Yosemite National Park
& low 60s for Greenville, SC/Flagstaff, AZ
Rudest Drivers: San Antonio/Atlanta
Most likely place to get jacked mid-day:
Montgomery, AL/Atlanta, GA

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