Saturday, September 24, 2011

I agree, not for everyone

Contagion (2011)

Overall Grade: B+
Story: B+
Acting: B-
Direction: B+
Visuals: B+

I was a bit apprehensive to check this movie out, after reading the numerous bad user reviews on Yahoo's movie page. Well, I finally caught the early matinee today, and while I have to agree it's not for everyone, it's still very good.

The style and direction is more like a fictitious documentary type drama. The pace was not at all slow, but because it was not in the style that most Hollywood action/thriller movies adhere to, most people would be perplexed and impatient for it to grab them.

The movie is definitely geared towards those with above average intelligence and penchant for the sciences and biology. This is not a suitable movie for children and young teens, not because it is gory or inappropriate, but because they just won't get it and quickly become bored. Case in point, a few late comers came to the theater with their young children and they were antsy throughout and expressed their confusion at the end.

Overall it was a very intelligent and entertaining film, that caused a bit of mist in the eye during a couple of scenes. I didn't see it as a Outbreak ripoff by any means, but I did get a liberal-treehugging California vibe. The only thing that I could have done without was Jude Law's dental makeover.  I couldn't take my eyes off his discolored crooked front tooth any time he came on screen, which was truly a distraction.  And were they going for realism when they made Matt Dillon's character well rounded?  A tad bit overacted but overall well played by some well-known seasoned actors.  I'm glad I didn't listen to the general user reviews on this one, but I wish I would have kept my hand sanitizer handy for after.

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