Sunday, August 14, 2011

TB: Spellbound?

Will Jessica meet the sun? I’m on pins and needles, just dying to find out. Okay, we all know what’s going to happen, but just let me have my moment of suspenseful entertainment. Thanks

Con: And yes, we have a Twilight ripe-off moment, just as I suspected. So original (double eye-roll seizure twitch).

Pro: Jason + Jessica=Hot.

Con: Jason + Jessica + Behul wailing Jessica’s name ≠ Hot
Behul, you totally screwed the moment for these two lovebirds.

Con: Behul informs us that his Humans employees receive full death benefits. Well that makes everything completely Kosher. Uh-huh. Someone really needs to fashion a gag for the Queen, while he's silver bound for the duration of the day.

Pro: I think I would rather hear Jason’s inane attempt in cheering me up, than Queen Behul droning on. But that’s just me.

Pro: Our greasy bohunk is back. What he really needs to do, instead of preaching on his pulpit, is undoing a few more of those shirt buttons, so I can see more that hairy chest of his. Just shut-up and get naked already dammit.

Con: I love Sam’s logic of forgive thy brother for killing thy parents, but not for screwing thy girlfriend. But I think I get it though. He's just burned that the little booger bonked Luna before he got a chance. It’s a shifter territorial thing I guess.

Pro: Eric spewing expletives in another language, then saying, "Thank You", as Sookie rips away his silver chains. I think we are inching just little closer to getting our old Eric back. One can only hope.

Con: Okay, Eric drinking from Sookie was sort of hot, but he screwed it up when he offered his hand for her to suck on. It just looked awkward, with him shoving his hand into her face, while he's having some sort of orgasmic facial-body moment. Why couldn’t he have just offered his chest or not make that strange face? Either way would have worked.

Con: Hoyt needs to cowboy-up and take rejection with a little more dignity.

Con: I hope this isn’t real, because I doubt Jessica is that cold-hearted. And Jason is a man-whore, but I just don’t see him propositioning Jessica to bite & f-him, right after Hoyt is killed (horny or not). Please just be a daymare.

Pro: Thank God!

Pro: Who is that sexy deputy with a voice like a cancerous lungy? Latest werepather victim? That was completely random.

Con: Supposedly I’m either blind or very unobservant, because others have since told me that Beulah Carter (that random neighbor that went up like a Chinese sparkler in the last episode) is a reoccurring character with known vampire tendencies.

Pro: “Jesus, Tits, and God America.” I think I’ve had enough of Andy’s spiral into “V” addiction, but I love the line.

Pro: Queen Behul turns it up, when he crashes Maxine’s TV interview at Beulah’s “suicide” scene. Love the Queen’s eyebrow action and Maxine’s inquisitive gawking, while he puts the kabbash on the TV reporter. And you just know this will be his next fuck-buddy.

Pro: Shower Scene!!!! Sike! This is some fairy weirdness right? Either way, we get lots of Eric booty shots tonight.

Pro: The next step in Tommy’s master plan must be to become Maxine. I’m all for double the Maxine pleasure.

Con: Terry throwing a mirror over the grill to watch his kid, while he flips burgers. Now that’s some righteous parenting.

Con: Lafayette walking into the kitchen, while ghost-retro lady sings to Evil-baby. He clearly sees her, because he makes eye contact, and walks right out while saying “Fuck this shit”. Would have been a Pro, if we could have found out more about this chick's motivations. Still intriguing.

Pro: And you know crazy-haired Maxine is actually Tommy, because no proper southern-gal would sport a crazy do like that. Still love the extra Maxine screen time.

Pro: I like the real break-up scene, between Hoyt and Jessica, much more than Jessica's daymare. Hoyt actually has balls!

Con: I don’t know how they do it, because you would think that with all the nudity they have on this show, you might see something good. But no, slow-mowing on my DVR revealed nothin’.  I know, because I checked.  Twice.

Con: I know Eric is supposed to be in love with Sookie, but this “I only want to be with you", mentality is just plain weird. It’s like he was given a special formula of Love Potion #9, to erase any other thoughts besides “Must Love Sookie”.

Pro: Lafayette dreams, and we sort of find out why ghost-retro lady is hanging around Evil-baby. Still, I’m not sure what it means or why I should care.

Pro: Waking up to find your dream staring back at you, would complete flip my lid as well. Lafayette getting possessed by ghost-retro lady, is both hilarious and annoying.

Pro: We finally get to the point in the show where we see Sookie’s Ghastly “Mothers Wives” ensemble, and she has the hair to match! Is this her serious warmonger get-up?

Con: What a small world. Our greasy bohunk is actually Luna's baby's daddy. Jerry Springer needs to book this group STAT.

Pro: “I got feeling he plays Barbies by himself." I love my bohunk, but he does show some rather unsportsman like behavior.

Pro: Tommy dressed up as Maxine, blue eye shadow and all. That is all.

Pro: Jason deals with his tumultuous feelings over Jessica, by throwing himself into a quick set of push-ups. I can see him punching a hole in the wall, but breaking-out into an impromptu set of push-ups?  Err-okay.

Con: Pam: “You have to be fucking kidding me.” My sentiments exactly, when Behul stops Pam from snuffing out Tara's life, once and for all. Damn, and we were thisclose to getting rid of her.

Pro: In the final fight sequence, Eric is eating everything in sight and fog cleverly rolls in, to give the scene a more eerie feeling.

And we have to wait until next week to find out what the heck Marnie is doing to Eric at the end. Great ending Song, btw. I love Siouxsie Siouxsie, but I'm a Dark-Wave chick. Wow, not much of a promo, except a teaser on whether Sookie makes it or not. Like that is actually a possibility.
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