Sunday, August 21, 2011

TB: Let's Get Out of Here (Run)

Con: I knew Behul was a One-Upper, but he really did take it to a whole new level, when he snatched Sookie from Alcide’s arms. No one is going to take his chance to play the hero away from him. What a douche.

Pro: With his patented ugly-scrunched up face, Behul snarls “Werewolf, I’m going to need you to shut the fuck up," to poor concerned and slightly burned Alcide (aka 8-Pack).

Con: Now known as “The Blond One”, Eric is under the control of the wicked witch of the west.  Random Wiccan (aka Roy): “So fucking cool.”  Not! Mindless Eric is really starting to get old this season. Please bring our arrogant and witty Viking back.

Con: Marnie to Eric: “Wash your Face.” Eric has traded one mommy for another.

Con: The first thing that invades Sookie’s line of vision, when she wakes up from a bullet wound, is Behul’s pasty mug. Oy Vey. Will she hop back onto the Behul love-train, now that she’s been reintroduced to his blood?

Pro: I think Alcide is starting to finally buy a clue, that Sookie will never want to have sex with him. Especially with her fang boys always around. Still, it might be too late to salvage his trashed relationship.

Pro: Danger Girl. I think I almost inhaled a caramel popcorn kernel. They really need to give me some fair warning, the next time they decide to strip and parade Alcide around, like a 5-course meal. And if you had any doubts before, this pretty much solidified the real reason why this trick is on the show.

Pro: “You are nothing like you are on Tv.” Even better than Pam (well, recently) is Nan, and her awesome power suits and her severe makeup/hair.

Pro: Nan calls the Queen on all his bull crap. Finally he gets taken down a few pegs. I love Behul’s silent & constipated side-eye he throws her way, as she instructs him on playing his part. Or more precisely “You better be in a festive and tolerant fucking mood.”

Con: For all that is holy, please don’t be a Behul sex fantasy. Yes!
Love the heels, love the music. Disco.

Con: No! I knew it was too good to be true. But I did love the synchronized fang retraction from the boys.

Pro: And Greasy Bohunk strolls back into my life once again. And it’s on like Donkey Kong. Marcus challenges Sam to a duel at midnight, but for what? He is not even with Luna. Or is he?

Pro: Terry flailing his feet around under Andy, may have been one of the funniest things I’ve seen all season (aside from Casket-Riding Ginger of course).

Con: What? Sookie is all of a sudden back in love with the Queen. Gag. Is this Sookie’s Choice? Please girl.

Pro: Crack-head Debbie is back! And all it took was the philandering 8-pack to crush her little shifter heart.

Pro: “When you guys..uh...role-play, does Lafaytte ever turn into a woman named Maevis.” Jason discussing Lafayette & Jesus’s sex life is total hilarity. Especially Jesus's reaction to it.

Con: What exactly does the visit from ghost-lady Maevis have to do with all the other subplots currently going on? Abso-freaking nothing.

Pro: I knew I wasn’t imagining a previous shoot-out with crack-head. I was doubting myself for a second there. But then why is she still alive? Keeping the books, and this cracked out show straight is tough shiz.

Con: “To communicating Shit.” Bohunk enlists Beef-Cake’s 6’6 frame, to scare Sam off from hanging around his ex. And I was falling so hard for this one.  Crack-head can have him.

Con: Bathed in Jesus’s white light, Lafayette gets exercised. The whole scene was hokey as hell.

Pro: Is Debbie really in cahoots with Sookie? I don’t believe it for one second.

Con: Tara should have been put down a long time ago.

Pro: Roy, the random wiccan, is truly outstanding tonight. Speaking of scene stealers, where the hell is Pam?

Pro: Wiccan HQs is turning into a scene from Carrie. Quick, someone drain a pig.

Pro: Queen Behul has truly mastered the bitchy side-eye. He is taking his new role as Queen, way too seriously.

Pro: Tommy finally does a good thing, when he shows up to get his ass handed to him in Sam’s stead. Geez, Alcide is a freaking Tree, at least compared to Sam. I would love to see Hoyt & Alcide go at  it at some point during this show.

Pro: Stommy to Bohunk: “You can’t stop fucking somebody, when you ain’t fucking them in the first place.” I love the banter between these two knuckle heads.

Con: Run! I hate when wiccans crash a good party. Talk about cliffhanger.

I give tonight’s episode a solid B+. Lot’s of skin-check, multiple sex scenes-check, some interesting drama-check, but damn-no Pam (Epic Fail). At least they tried to make up for it, with a little Nan side action.  3 more episodes. Hopefully we’ll see our old Eric return soon.

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