Sunday, August 28, 2011

TB: Burning Down the House

Con: Okay, I think Roy may have worn out his welcome, because his random interjections are now starting to piss me off. Is he supposed to be Antonia’s boy toy? Though, he wouldn’t be my first pick if I decided to harbor a love slave. Maybe if he lost the beard and dyed his hair…Maybe

Pro: So far so good. The episode starts where it left off last week, with a full on brawl already in progress at the Festival of Tolerance. Eric hands Behul his pink slip, and proceeds to pummel his ass, and even gets in a few Sookie smack-downs at the same time.  Way to multi-task.

Pro: For some reason, Sookie uses her special Faery juice to stop Eric from killing the Queen, and inturn dislodges something from Eric’s mind. Did Sookie reverse the spell or make it worse? And better yet, is he still under Antonia’s power? This is a bit of a spin, and I’m dying to find out. Damn the intro.

Pro: Alcide's bedside manner sucks. “A few stitches, a little duck tape, a pretty nurse, you’ll be good to go.” That’s some exorcist shiz.

Pro: “People Weeee are locked the fuck up and incommunicado, face it.” Way to state the obvious Tara, but in a somewhat funny way I guess. And it looks as if we are in for some good ones tonight. Let me count the ways I love thee.

Pro: I think Marnie is either having a nervous breakdown, or just having a bit of a lovers spat with her inner voice. Either way, time to commit!

Pro: Eric remembers himself and his little romp with the fairy princess, and no one had to remind him. Different but good. Though, I did like how he teased her about it once he found out in the books. The old Eric is not entirely back. Maybe something changed in him or he was hypnotized by the Sookie booty. Either way, bring arrogant & funny Eric back!

Con: Sookie has feelings and shiz for Behul. Gag me. Does this mean we're going to have to see them doin' it again? I’m boycotting this show, if they put these two back together. How can she not melt with Eric being so sweet to her and bearing his soul and stuff? What the hell has Behul done for her that makes his ass so worthy to return to, besides throwing her out of his house, almost draining her dry, and screwing every woman in town?

Pro: Some hints of the old Eric coming back, as he welcomes his child Pam. Yay, at least Pammie is back! I must have missed her curse being lifted, because she isn’t looking like a walking corpse anymore.

Con: “Lovable isn’t he?.” Eric, my thoughts exactly. What the hell is she thinking? What a weirdo.

Con: I wish Tommy would just hurry up and die already, so we can get on with the other 50 subplots. He is so selfish.

Pro: RIP Tommy. I’m sure he is up their somewhere, running his little doggy heart out or sniffing buts, or whatever shifter doggies do in heaven.

Pro: “There’s a safety cap, I think.” Andy gets caught red-handed with his little vile of V, so hopefully he’ll get help, and we can move the hell on from this boring subplot. Although I do love disgruntle, pouting Andy.

Pro: “No drugs for me, except for anti-psychotics.” Terry takes Andy out to his tree-house for some tough lovin'.

Pro: Lafayette shows us his latest do. Not really sure what to call this cornrowed, mohawk, high-in-tight, mullet.

Pro: Holly: “What we need here is some faith.” Tara: “Well that’s not really my thing.” No shit.

Con: Sike. Marnie fooled us into believing she was being controlled by Antonia, when it was she, who manipulated her into fighting for her stupid cause. What a psychopath. I almost feel sorry for Antonia, and hope she can find peace away from the crazy.

Pro: Nan makes everything a little more bearable. I love when she gets on a roll, and berates the Queen with her sneering condescension.

Con: Jesus proves to Marnie that he is strong enough and shows his demon side. “It’s a Latin thang.” Cheesefest!

Pro: Crackhead returns with her new crackbuddy (my former Bohunk) Marcus. Greasy loves the new cracked-out version of blondie, and I have to agree. These two are meant to be. Me and greasy would never have worked.

Con: Yeah, give an addict a gun, that really makes sense Terry. This isn’t the type of tough love I was hoping for.

Pro: Terry and Andy throwing punches and rolling around in the dirt is more like it.

Pro: Holly & Tara wing-it with Latin. They don’t know what they’re saying, but hopefully the meaning will come across to complete their task. Total hilarity.

Pro: Say Uncle. Terry’s tough love tuned out better than I though it would. Okay, now can we move on?

Pro: Best part of tonight’s episode, is also the shortest. Love Operation Kick Witch Booty, as the vamps round the corner to Moon Goddess. Looking like something from out of a kick-ass action movie, our small but powerful Bon Temp Vamps are all decked out in their best Ninja gear and walking like they have a purpose, as they get ready to bring a can of whoop-ass down on Marnie and her crew. Love the high octane music too, but hate the cliffhanger. The upgraded score just leveled off for that reason alone.

Hopefully Jessica will be able to kill something next week. Only two more episodes left, and I’m still waiting for it to begin. Okay there were a few good moments, but I really think it could have been so much better.
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