Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New App: Kindle Cloud Reader

What is it?
Kindle Cloud Reader is an internet based App that allows you to read Kindle books on a Windows PC or Mac using the Google Chrome or Safari web browsers, on Linux computers using Google Chrome, and on an iPad using the Safari web browser.

Why should you use it?
You will be able to go into your library and quickly glance at your collections at about 10 times the speed than with your Kindle.  You can also read as you download.

Why wait?
It’s a little slower to start up since it is web based. However, once a book is downloaded, reading is the same.

Files larger than 50MB may lose some of its formatting. It's not as full featured as the Kindle App. It has no dictionary and you can't write notes/highlights/bookmarks. The help function is a bit confusing, with a Bookmark Set ability listed, but I could not find a link or direction to that said icon or function. However you can view previously produced bookmarks.

Bottom Line:
As long as your file is smaller than 50MB it will be appear the same as the Kindle App, but with less functionality. It only works with certain browsers, namely Google Chrome & Safari. However it is a fast way to glimpse ones library in less time than with the Kindle and it opens the book immediately while it downloads in the background.

And if you were wondering, there is no limit to the number of Kindles or Apps registered to an account. The limit is the amount of simultaneous downloads a book has (i.e. being able to read by more than one device at the same time.)

Visit from your computer or iPad. You can access your Kindle Library through Kindle Cloud Reader without having to install the application.

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