Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kindle Price Drop Tips-off Imminent K4 Announcement

This week Amazon announced they were dropping the price of the Amazon Kindle 3 Wi-Fi eReader to $99. At $114 for the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi that has special advertisements on its homepage and screensavers, and $139 for an ad-free Kindle three Wi-Fi, what is the difference in this new $99 Kindle? It’s a Refurbished model. And why does that have technophiles like myself ecstatic, and why should it have you is equally as excited? Because of a well-known move that tech manufacturers make when they’re about to release a new product!!

I believe the K3 was announced around Aug 11th in 2010. And this was about a month after the refurb K2s were sold off en masse by Amazon, to make room in inventory for the new Kindles.  I also recall that the new K3s went for about the same price as the refurb K2s.  So if history repeats itself, we probably have less than a month to wait, before we hear official news on what Amazon has cooked up for us this year. Rumors are running the gambit, from a Color Tablet to a Color Touch Ereader. Personally, I'm hoping for a similar keyboardless constructed design as the new Nook Touch, but with all the cool Kindle features and Amazon's great customer service.  Yes, I want it all dammit.

Coupled with tablet orders Amazon has already placed and rumors that go as far as to name the two tablets Amazon is going to release, the Hollywood and Coyote, could this move foresee the arrival of these two long-awaited first tablet offerings by Amazon?

At worst, it means a new Kindle is on the way. And for Amazon the timing couldn’t be better. For the first time in the history of the eReader device, the Amazon Kindle saw itself drop out of first place in total eReader sales, overtaken by Barnes & Noble’s color touchscreen Nook Simple Touch eReader.

The momentary amount of time the Kindle spent out of the number one position, coupled with the fact that they have been increasingly saying the next Kindle the reader is right around the corner, when taken in conjunction with the $99 refurbished Kindle announcement, tells us that the Kindle 4 is on the way. We can only hope that the Kindle Hollywood tablet and the Kindle Coyote tablet will be soon to follow.


  1. Alright, this is wonderful news!!!
    I can't wait to see what they come out with. Of course you and I have already talked about this a bit,. I like my simple touch nook, but I don't love it. I loved my 1st gen nook, but it wasn't a full touch screen. So I am hoping that amazon brings out something fantasic!

  2. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. But what are you going to do about all your epubs? I would have a hard time crossing to another device as well, but I rarely have time or the inclination to reread a book.