Saturday, August 6, 2011

Future Release

Discount Armageddon
In my recent sweep through Amazon, looking for future releases (because yeah, I have nothing better to do on the weekend-don't judge), I ran across an interesting title by one of my favorite authors, Sean McGuire. From what I got from her blog, this isn't exactly a new book project, but a previous short story that quickly evolved into a full book. It was pushed to the side for a couple of years, due to her other series commitments.

I haven't found much about this new book, other than its quirky name and a few choice words describing it. I don't necessarily picture cryptozoologists in skimpy outfits, asbestos blondes, ketchup milkshakes, ballroom dancing, high heeled shoes, and, of course, talking mice to be all in the same world. But hey, this is McGuire's world, and I'm sure it will be an intriguing ride.

"The first of the InCryptid books, chronicling the adventures of the Price family as they try to study the cryptids of the world without getting eaten by them, featuring action, adventure, throwing knives, Illegal sub-lets, Coffee shops, Math, snarking, and talking pantheistic demon mice with a fondness for religious ritual. It's ballroom dancing as a combat style, it's asbestos blondes and gorgon barmaids. Things this book does not contain: vampires. All told, I'm pretty happy with my "have" to "have not" ratio, especially since Verity keeps kicking people in the head.

The best thing about this universe is that it's completely silly in some ways, yet takes itself completely seriously, much like the horror movies of the early 1980s. This is life or death, people, even when the "or death" part of the equation is being represented by hopping, screaming yams (the yams hunger for the taste of human blood). And whenever things get slow, Verity just kicks somebody else in the head, thus speeding them right back up again. I have a fight scene coming up that's going to make me giggle for days. Days.

Every chapter begins with a little quote from one of the members of the extended family -- and it's very, very extended; I have four generations totally mapped, with options on generations five and six -- to sort of give you an idea of what sort of upbringing our dear Very is the product of. I love the book, but these quotes may be my favorite part. Well, those, and the mice.

What's really interesting is that this is the first series I've started knowing from the starting gate that it was a series, and more, that it was more than just a few books long. Feed was a stand-alone; Rosemary and Rue was an adventure that I didn't quite understand. This time, I know what I'm getting into."

                           1-Discount Armageddon  (Mar 06, 2012)
                           2-Midnight Blue-Light Special  (Mar 2013)

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