Friday, August 26, 2011

Brutal, But Good

Rebirth (Luna Books)Rebirth
Book #2

A brutal and honest read, that wasn’t always easy to take. However, the story & pace kept me engaged and riveted until the very end. The author really does a great job in creating multi-dimensional characters, that were both real and identifiable. I think that is what truly made this a difficult read. I empathized with each one of the characters, and felt their anguish as they struggled for survival in their Godless world. You can't help but immerse yourself fully within this world, at least for a short time, and live among the others, praying for reprieve. A very well written and meaningful book, which I will have difficultly forgetting.
Months have passed with Cass, Ruthie, & Smoke, living in the Box, making a life for themselves among the other survivors. Life is hard, but Cass has Ruthie and Smoke to make her life worth living again. All that changes when the school, they came from, is ruthlessly attacked by Rebuilders. Smoke leaves Cass and his role as Dor's Second, to find those responsible. Without the support of her lover and with growing signs of dwindling resources, Cass will have to decided whether it is time to find her own way.

Warning: Extreme Violence, Sexual Content, Attempted Rape (Obviously not for children.)

                                  Survivors (Novella)
                                  3-Horizon -Final Book (Jan 24, 2012)

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