Monday, July 4, 2011

TB: You Smell Like Dinner

Con: Jason, you’re wasting your breathe reasoning with a boy that thinks that licking your wounds is real caring.

Pro: It’s confirmed, I’m in love with Askars, with or without the manorexia.

Con: Hoyt has looove in his heart, but I think Jessica is having second thoughts.

Pro: Sam’s swinger shtick is starting to make a bit more sense.

Pro: From the outfit to the hair & makeup/brow-action, Sookie/AP is actually looking good tonight.  As opposed to a chula wannabe.

Con: One year later, Bill’s doing another chick and his house has had some major upgrades. Still don’t like the jerk, thank you very much.

Con: Last thing I would ever think I'd see is SM/Behul in 80s punk garb, speaking with an English accent. Scary. Eye liner and spiked hair does not suit you Mr. Behul.

Pro: Louis Pasteur is not only the father of pasteurization. Good to know.

Pro: So far the best one-liner of the night is from Arlene describing her baby to Sook: “He’s brand-fucking new.”

Pro: Crystal is more interesting when she is hopped up on V.

Pro: Sam: “If you want a friend to smell, smell your own.”-Second best one-liner.

Pro: Arelene: “Mother fuck face”-Third best one liner (Arelene seems to have them all this epi) I never thought a cute baby could be so nefarious. Arlene is a bit jumpy, no?

Con: No mind Sookie, I scream every time I see Tara too.

Pro: Eric’s bow to King Behul, seems more like a one finger salute.

Pro: Intrigue & more intrigue, 80’s punk Behul has his hands in more cookie jars than Ron Jeremy.

Pro: Nan Flanagan is such hot shiz, I would switch teams, just to stand next to her hotness.

Pro: Love Pam, but sadly I don’t think she pulled the best one-liners of the night. Still, full-on Pam attitude beats any one-liner.

Con: The Wiccan version of a book club.

Pro: Eric definitely knows how to make an entrance.

Con: Why exactly is there still no full male frontal on this show, when we’ve seen it twice (so far) on Game of Thrones? PS. I do appreciate the but shots.

Con: To make this really work, Eric should be naked and barefoot. Get it right or pay the price dammit.

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  1. "Crystal is more interesting when she is hopped up on V."
    I Love this one!!
    HA HA