Sunday, July 24, 2011

TB: Me & the Devil

Con: It reportedly takes 7-14 secs to strangle someone to the point of unconsciousness.  Joe Lee should count it out in Mississippis next time. I think I've had enough of the dysfunctional redneck family subplots on this show.

Con: Woops...I guess there won’t be a next time. RIP Redneck Daddy and probably momma too.

Con: For some godawful reason, the Moon Goddess has something against Vamps. Maybe there's a bit of history there.

Con: Marnie giving us an eye full of her over-the-hill cleavage is awe-inspiring, but also cringe worthy.

Pro: First good one of the night is from Lafayette explaining to Marnie why her hokey possession excuse ain’t flying: “Look, this kind of dog ate my homework excuse don’t work with the vampires. Because they sniff that shit, then they eat you, like a fucking Pot-Pie”. And yes, I'm now strangely craving a frozen meat pie from my freezer.

Pro: Thank god it was only a dream. For a minute there, I thought that Godric's Spirit was turning evil or Eric was going crazy. How many times does this girl have to get ravaged by vampires and get her throat torn out, before she either dies or buys a clue?

Con: I’m not really digging the hole nurture thing going on between Eric & Sooks at the moment. This doesn’t make for a good build up to a hot & steamy shower scene dammit!

Pro: “There are more married cousins in Bon Temps that have more common DNA than you and me.". Portia is making sense here.  Unfortunately Queen Behul doesn't play in his gene pool, however diluted it may be.

Pro: Nightmare enducing images of the crypt keeper, Pam. For a second, I thought that we were going to get our nightly Nan visit. “I can put up with a lot but when you fuck with my face, it’s time to die.”

Con: Queen Behul’s suggestion to Pam in using cosmetics and bright lipstick to distract from her disentigrating face, only emphases the fact that he is inept to all things female related.

Con: Jesus shares a flash back to a precious childhood memory of him and his grandfather sharing a sacrificial slaughter of a goat on his birthday. And he still wanted to become a witch?

Pro: The whole convo between Jason & Hoyt was hilarious. From Jason theorizing that God is punishing him for being a ladies man to Hoyt injecting his own trivial problems with regard to Jessica. Jason assuming Jessica raped Hoyt was priceless. Well, she did mind screw him, probably a couple of times.

Con: Tara’s mom & the adulterous reverend, is exactly what we’ve been missing. It’s a good thing we have an evil baby subplot for an excuse to bring back the crazy.  (insert dripping sarcasm)

Con: Sookie visits Marnie & her boobs, as she attempts to do some recon work for Operation Save Eric. Sookie Insights I could have lived without: “A Stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.”

Pro: Andy possibly becoming Tommy’s next victim, may have been the best dramatic tension of tonight’s show. I think the music helped a great deal. Tommy ain’t just a pretty redneck, as he quickly throws off Andy by shifting to a gator.

Con: Sookie, the great thinker, invites Tara for some girl time at her house, with Eric resting just below.

Pro: You know Queen Behul means business, when he removes his jacket for a little one-on-one with Marnie. I hope she fries his arse. Or at least gives him a similar looking makeover she gave Pam.

Pro: We get introduced to Shreveport Pack Master hotness, Marcus Bozeman. Hopefully Alcide can take him to his “Happy Place” on his next visit. Love the intense crazy eyes on this one.

Con: Sam schools Tommy on the process of releasing multiple homicide guilt. Because nothing bonds brothers together like getting rid of a body and comparing kills after. This lovely scene is just missing some beers and a dog to kick around.

Pro: There’s a few good things about living around gators, besides making good sausage. But like everything else in real life not being as simple, gators are probably not as accommodating in assisting with a body dump.

Con: Jason dreaming about the new object of his affection, Jessica. No, we didn't see that one coming.

Pro: AP’s attempt at emoting, looked more like indigestion. “Eric! Please don’t go”. Cue the violins. Relish this moment, because you know they will be few and far between, if Alan Ball has anything to say about it.

Pro: “Oooh Witches, Yikes.” No one mocks Queen Behul and gets away with it.

Con: I can’t believe Pam gave Eric up so easily. Either the rot in her face is weakening her resolve, or Behul showing his angry-face, scared even the cool cucumber Pam, into giving up her maker.

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  1. Pro: “There are more married cousins in Bon Temps that have more common DNA than you and me.". Portia is making sense here. Unfortunately Queen Behul doesn't play in his gene pool, however diluted it may be.

    In other words.... the sex just wasn't good enough to over look the centuries that lie between us kin! HELLO get a clue!

  2. Haaaaaaa nice one Wolfy. I'm a big book junkie and sometimes suffer from i wanna see that scene play out on screen syndrome. I know that this Is not the books and trubies always remind me of that but sometimes i cant help compare. I love some of the plot changes tht keep you guessing and rather hate some of the character asasination
    that happens on this show especially when its a major player. I initially really wanted a shower scene but don't mind if it doesnt happen as much as i care that they give the E/S connection the attention it deserves.

  3. I totally agree, but it seems like Alan Ball is completely undermining everything that Harris wrote. A sort of snub to the readers, if you ask me. I do like some of the fresh subplots, like keeping Lafayette around and adding Jessica, b/c god knows this show has been successful, partly b/c Lafayette.

    Frankly inserting the written shower scene wouldn't really work, since he Alan Ball already screwed it up with giving us a Sookie/Bill shower scene. I still can't scrub that image out of mind.

    And regard with the E/S dynamic, he either isn't intending for them to actually be a couple or is doing a terrible job of setting up, b/c this nurture relationship that they have going on currently is working for me. I don't remember it being like that in book #4.