Sunday, July 17, 2011

TB: I'm Alive & on Fire

Pro: Eric falling into a drunken stupor, after gorging on Claudine. Don’t fall for it girl. I think I like Eric drunk on Faery blood. It’s easier to take advantage of him in this condition, or maybe not (as he giddily runs out into the night before dawn). Amnesia Eric seems to lack his usual self-preservation, but not his hornyness.

Con: I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if they just stop with the Rape Jason plot they have got going on. I really thought that the implied camp rape would remain that way. Instead, Mr. Alan Ball decides we haven’t had enough of seeing someone being raped. I’m not sure if it's “supposed” to be funny or interesting that the women from the were-camp are lining-up to get a piece of the new man meat they have recently procured.

Con: Cue the Lifetime music in the background, as Jason explains to the weregirl that her first time should be special, and not by riding a kidnapped hurt man. If this doesn’t have Afternoon Special written all over it, I don’t know what does. Let’s move on people.

Pro: F-yeah. An injection of Nan hotness is exactly what this show needs to lighten the dull mood its been cast by Jason’s sub-plot. Love the pointy shoulder jacket action and the bitchiness directed at Queen Behul.

Pro: Maxine, the Lioness, pointing out Sam's lack of family values. Pure comic relief. It’s sad when Maxine is more interesting than third of this show's storylines.

Con: You know you're white trash, when you have a relation that is both your daddy and your uncle. For shame, Uncledaddy should not be part of my vocab.

Pro: An impromptu spell reversal has Lafayette doing a mix between a Hail Mary & Hocus Pocus dance. Amen

Pro: Eric frolicking in a pond is almost good enough to forgive Alan Ball for screwing up the Shower scene, a couple of seasons ago.  Almost, but not quite.

Pro: First good one of the night-and from Sookie no less. “There’s big gators in their you crazy Viking!  Get on out and lets go home, before one of them chomps off your you know what.”

Pro: It’s harder to put Eric down for a nap than most kiddies.

Con: Crazy Crystal (aka BigMomma Kitty) is there to rescue Jason (aka GhostDaddy) and rub dirt on his wounds, because yeah that’s how they do it at the were camp.

Pro: SM should kiss his makeup artist, because it looks as if they fixed Behul's makeup this season. Or maybe it’s just some fresh Botox shots that have him looking less like he just crawled out of the grave.

Con: I miss skanky-drugged out Debbie. I don’t recognize this pearl wearing, bible thumping, blonde debutante. I doubt she can hold the trash down for long, before it comes roaring back.

Con: Behul dumps his fuck-buddy; because he finds out she is his greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat granddaughter. Meanwhile, siblings procreate two miles down the road in Hotshot.

Pro: Spell Reversal Take-2, is much better with Pam directing and causing a litany of F-bombs all around. Can I get a Fuck Yeah? Amen.
I know I would't be able to perform under the pressure of Pam akimbo and with her patented death stare hovering over my ass.

Con: No one screws with Pam and gets away with it. Bitch doesn’t know what she is playing with, possessed or not.

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  1. I KNOW! wasn't it great?? Drunk Eric had my laugh my ass off I loved it!
    I have to agree with the Pro: First good one of the night-and from Sookie no less. “There’s big gators in their you crazy Viking! Get on out and lets go home, before one of them chomps off your you know what.”

    Step I look forward to your pro/con list so much, I appreciate your humor.

  2. Awesome. Heather thanks for the kind words. I mostly have the blog just to keep track of what I read and my favorites, but it's nice to know someone is reading and doesn't mind my weird & snarky humor.

  3. oh NO I follow it and love to hear what you have to say. I totally get the keeping track of what you have read. I do sort of the same, but its just a list within google docs that I have. So nothing as wonderful as a blog.
    I take it, you are back from Alaska? how was that?

    glaukos5 at gmail dot com

  4. I use Google as well, but for keeping track of what books are coming up. I have a link to it on the blog.

    Came back from AK last Friday, was home in Cali till yesterday, now I'm in Virginia today. I rather be home (sigh). It's too damn hot here, but at least there is stuff here to do.

    Not much going on in AK, except work and eating.

    I'm actually moving out to VA for 7 months soon, then (hopefully) back to Cali (San Diego this time).

    Read anything good lately? I'm between books, waiting for some releases, come next Tues. In the meantime, I'm digging deep and discovering new series.

  5. Lots of humidity over in VA compared to CA. I think I will take the dry heat over here rather then that never quite dry/just stepped out of the shower feeling over there. Bounce around a lot, it sounds like.

    I usually have at least two books going, one I listen to (at work and/or car), one I read. Right now I am just picked up GoT and reading it. Season 1 was the deal breaker for me on that one. Loved it, now I have to read it and get more of the behind the scenes info.

    Been listening to a Series called Dreg City, by Kelly Meding, its kind of interesting. (oh wait, I see it is listed as one of your favorites, didn't notice that before)

    I think I need something else to kind of break up the seriousness of GoT though. Been thinking about jumping in and checking out Charley Davidson. That looks like a good series. I think I need some humor and something that I don't have to think about too much...any suggestions?

    If you find anything in your deep digging that you discover worth sharing, wouldn't mind reading a review on it.

  6. The Coast Guard position I currently have, has me traveling a whole lot. But hopefully I'll be settling down soon. At least at one locale.

    GoT? I assume you are talking about Game of Thrones. I still a quarter of the way through the first book. It's currently on hold, b/c it's really not my genre and I keep getting side tracked with other reads.

    The first Dreg City book was intriguing. 2nd was okay. Hopefully the next book is good. It comes out rather soon.

    If you looking for something funny, I would suggest My life as White Trash Zombie, the Jane True series, How to Flirt w/ a Naked Werewolf, I'm the Vampire That's Why, and maybe the Jane Jameson & Jolie Wilkins series. I only recommend the first book in some of the paranormal PNR comedies, b/c they get repetitive.

    The book I'm currently reading, Nearly Departed in Deadwood, is pretty light funny reading, but haven't much in the way of a Paranormal plot.

    From what I remember of the Charley Davidson series, its good but not exactly light and funny reading. It's just tad more series than chicklit.

  7. Coast guard, is that what you do. Sounds interesting. Is it fun? I bet its fun just seeing new places.

    GoT yes Game of Thrones. not my usual either, but its very good, but long and needs breaks with humor involved. Its interesting, cause now that I am reading it and getting to know more about the details and backgrounds etc, I am also re watching the shows, and it makes more sense (but its not like I couldn't get along with out having read the book either.)

    My life as White Trash Zombie, been thinking about that one. I want to read it, just need to get my hands on it.

    Jane True series, I have this in ebook and audio. I just haven't gotten to it yet.

    How to Flirt w/a Naked Werewolf, Jane Jameson: Love anything by Molly Harper! Already been all over all of her books, can't wait for her 4th book on Jane.

    I'm the Vampire That's Why, Michele Bardsley oh that reminds me she has a new series that she just started called Wizards of Nevermore that I wanted to check out.
    Jolie Wilkins series I have seen this on your list of favorites, but haven't gotten to it yet. Might be time to check it out as well.

    But I think for now, I am going to look into the Zombie one, that one looks great...... oh wait, that also depends on what comes out today. I will have to wait for you blog post to see whats new. Crap, always too much to read never enough time.

  8. The job isn't bad, but I'll be happier when I get back to working on equipment. I'm an Electronics Chief, that's currently behind a desk (when I'm not traveling).

    The GoT books are great, but it's just one of those things I have to work myself up to reading. But once I got into it, I really liked it and completely agree about the books being required reading.

    I've never been into listening to audio books. It would be a distraction while driving, and find them annoying to listen anyways. I rather read and imagine the voice, tempo, and inflection. I'm usually disappointed otherwise.

    I defintely would recommend all those Paranormals, but again I don't think it's worth venturing past the first book in the Broken Heart Ok series or the Naked werewolf. I've heard of the Wizards of Nevermore, but I don't know much about it.

    Not everyone loves the Jane True series, but that's one of my best Laugh-out Loud books.

    I really liked the Jolie Wilkens series, but I wouldn't bother with Mallory's other series (Dulcie O'Neil). Seems like I've been waiting forever for the next book in the Jolie Wilkens.

    Don't you hate it, when authors devide there time between multple series they are working on? Or when they drop one altogether in the middle, b/c it wasn't as poplar as another.