Sunday, July 31, 2011

TB: I wish I was the Moon

Good news is, this episode didn't bore the hell out of me, like the last few dozen. Seriously, I think someone else directed tonight’s show, because it seemed better edited and interesting in general, than any other this season.

Pro: Ah, so we start exactly where Eric & Sookie left off, making out with previously cued Violins. Love the ass groping. It might be worth rewatching.

Con: Eric has definitely been mind fucked, because instead of his usual one finger hand-salute to Queen Behul, he bows and begs his sincerest apology after being Cock-blocked. In my fantasy, Eric knees Behul in the junk and gets back to business with Sookie. Life is so cruel.

Pro: First good one of the night is from the Queen: “Believe it or not, my entire existence does not revolve around what or who is between your legs.” Uh, Behul, I don’t think she believes it. This is a Sookiecentric universe after all.

Pro: The only thing that would make being locked up in the Queen’s dungeon a little less nauseating, is sharing a cell with Pam and her hot disintegrating face. That is, if you could actually remember her and that said hotness.

Con: Eric makes Pam cry. I guess this makes them even, after Pam ratted him out at the end of the last episode.

Con: Behul is and always will be Nan’s lapdog. But, if you are going to be somebodies, I guess it could be worse. Personally, I rather be Pam’s. It’s a draw.

Con: Arlene mumbling in her sleep before all shiz hits the fan, “No smoking in the Boudoir.” Evil baby strikes again. From Redrum to Firestarter, this kid has some issues, and I don’t just mean his bad genes. Okay what’s with the nice retro black lady waving hi, while their home is conflagrating? I’m thinking the baby has nothing to do with any of these strange occurrences, first because he’s just too cute and innocent looking, second, the doll showed up in Jessica’s new house first, not his.

Con: Why exactly is Terry holding an armadillo? Did I miss this family pet or is this some new weird rehabilitation method for fire victims?

Con: The whole Andy-Sam bantering was just silly.

Pro: Holly & Andy are completely cute together. Now I can definitely back this union.

Con: Tommy turning into Sam, just gave me a bad 80s flash back to about a dozen stupid switching places type movies. -Like Father Like Son….Freaky Friday, uh you get the point.

Pro: It’s about time Sam fired Sookie’s lazy butt. Too bad it was actually Tommy doing the honors. Whatever gets the job done I say. The endless supply of bipolar Sam subplots are really starting to get old. Everyone knows Sam is really a nice guy, who Alan Ball just can’t help but screw with. In other words, I ain't buying it.

Pro: Jason explaining his strange situation to Sookie was a total crack up. And it looked like the actors had a hard time keeping it together when shooting the scene too.

Pro: Oily bohunk Marcus is back and already has skanky Debbie wrapped around his stubby little finger. That didn’t take much heavy lifting. Again, I love the intense People’s Eyebrow this dude brings to every scene. I could make love to that exquisite eyebrow alone.

Con: Marnie cutting herself. Eks, this girl is a hot mess. I only have a few phobias. One being Carnies & Dolls, the other-seeing people either cut themselves or have their fingers cut off. Any other appendages are fair game, just spare the digits please.

Pro: Tommy picked a good time to shift into Sam. Too bad big brother is going to kick his ass; once he finds out he bonked his girlfriend.

Pro: Jason goes to his “Happy Place” as Jessica suggests, to ease his shifting anxiety. I don’t think she intended that place to be between her lady lumps. “Your mama was a werepanther?” I love that we have blonde Jason back.

Pro: Humble Eric, is truly making Queen Behul look like a true jackass. Somebody better save Eric’s arse or I’m going to come back to haunt Queen Behul & Alan Ball for all of eternity.

Con: Jesus coming back home to the crazy, just to find out that his uncle is still crazy. No doubt that whole scene would have been less trippy-cool if the sacrifice was say.. a squirrel. I don’t even know where to begin here. From Jesus dying, while his uncle is knocking boots with his preggers teen baby's momma, to Lafayette dealing with the fallout-speaking in tongues (okay, it was probably just Spanish, but whatever).  Oy'

Pro: HEA. Cue Violins.  I guess it's sort of hot, but still a little suspect, that they couldn't drag it indoors.  The only thing that pains me is that this is very reminiscent of a previous sex scene with a now notorious Queen.  I guess you can't please all folks.

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(Because, just like me, I know you can't get enough of the best shit-show on tv.)
Pictures courtesy of Shadow of Reflection.

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