Saturday, July 30, 2011

Review: Eye of the Tempest

Eye of the Tempest (Jane True)Eye of the Tempest
Book #4

I love this series, but I just didn't enjoy this book as much as the rest. I think it had much to do with the lack of Anyan for most of the book and due to not caring much for the Blondie character, the butch tattooclad Original that kept revving up Jane's engine. I mean really? Your boyfriend is in trouble and all you can think about is switching teams for a person you don't know or trust? And the various monikers, like Baby Doll, that Blondie kept referring Jane to, really grated on my nerves after awhile.

The humor that usually kept me heckling througout, also seemed to be lacking, besides the random raunchy sexual innuendo-which I didn't find all that funny this time around. I was also a bit over the plot, after about the third showdown with the same villains, that I just wanted to skip to the end at that point.

I have to say, I was also disappointed after a three book buildup & tease of an Anyan & Jane relationship; we are again made to wait through most of the book, before we even get to see these two together. This part of the plot was completely unsatisfying to say the least, not to say I read these books for the romance factor alone. But consistently dangling the proverbial carrot, will only lead to frustrated and turned off readers.

In summary, although I did enjoy the beginning and some of the ending, the freshness and humor that made this series special seemed missing this time around. No doubt, the storyline itself was good, but the repetitive fight scenes, lack of Anyan, and my dislike for Blondie, caused my interest to wane for a majority of the book. Having said that, this is a better book than most of its type, just not on the same level as the other books in the series. I'm still interested to see what's next for our Selkie-Jane, just a little less so.

                                1-Tempest Rising 
                                 2-Tracking the Tempest
                                 3-Tempest Legacy 
                                 4-Eye of the Tempest 
                                 5-Tempest's Fury  (Summer 2012)

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