Friday, July 29, 2011

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SurvivorsSurvivors ($0)
Book #1.5

"This novella gives us a glimpse of life in the Box between the events of Aftertime and Rebirth. It's very short... less than 30 pages, but it manages to maintain the feel of the full length books.

Spoilers Below..for those that haven't read Book #1/Aftertime.

The story begins with the arrival of a young boy and his grandmother to the Box. The old woman is dying and the boy, Feo, has no one. Cass and Smoke open their tent to him for the night, while Dor decides whether the child can stay. At first Cass fantasizes a little that Feo will join the family she has made with Smoke and little Ruthie. But the boy latches on to one of the guards, making her realize that he needs things she can't give him.

There's not a lot to this, and you don't need to read it for Rebirth to make sense. Feo is present in that book, but the events of his arrival are given in clear enough language that you won't miss anything. Still, I'm such a fan of this series, I wouldn't skip any tidbit that Littlefield offers."
Aftertime (Luna Books)Aftertime
Book #1

More meaningful, than your run of the mill flesh eater book. The heart of the story is about a woman who has been to hell and back again. After waking with no memory of the last 2 months, Cas puts all her effort into recovering her 3 yr old daughter. Most of the book is focused on her reflections of her past, prior to the Siege, that landed them in this post-apocalyptic world. Through her reflections and growth as a woman & as a mother, she finds strength and comes to terms with her life and her endless self-destructive self-loathing. Warning: this is not a YA book. Sexual Content/Violence


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