Monday, July 4, 2011

New this Week

Finally, some new releases I've been really wanting to read.  The first three are moving to the top of my to-read pile.  Lovely

Grave Dance: An Alex Craft NovelGrave Dance
Book #2

Author of Once Bitten/Twice Dead. Alex is a PI Ghost summoner, who finds herself in the middle Fae mystery. A very engaging & sexy series.

1-Grave Witch

My Life as A White Trash ZombieMy Life as a White Trash Zombie
Book #1

From another favorite UF author-Rowland takes a dip into the new zombie trend.  Teenage delinquent Angel Crawford lives with her redneck father in the swamps of southern Louisiana. She's a high school dropout, addicted to drugs and alcohol, and has a police record a mile long. But when she's made into a zombie after a car crash, her addictions disappear, except for her all-consuming need to stay "alive"...

Book #2

Rowen's new sexy UF series doesn't disappoint. Just like her other popular vampire series (Immortality Bites), this book starts off pretty fast. However, that is where the similarity ends. This book's plot is and characters are also much grittier and the protagonist comes off much more likable.The middle is a bit lackluster, but the ending picks up and makes up for what the middle lacks. I encourage anyone who enjoys this this book to read the Short-Bleeding Heart  in the Anth-Primal. The short starts off exactly where this book ends, and I thought it better edited, very engaging, and essential to the storyline of this series.

                                 -Anth Short: Bleeding Heart

Night VeilNight Veil
Book #2

Heartless (The Parasol Protectorate)Heartless
Book #4

Undead and UnderminedUndead and Undermined
Book #10

-Life is too Short to Read a Bad Book-

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