Sunday, June 5, 2011

Magic Slays

For those just getting into UF, I have to recommend a series that seems to be getting better & better as it progresses, which is a true rarity for a series in any genre. The married couple writing team has done it again. Magic Slays has catapulted my opinion of this solid series and these talented writers. There is no wasted space in this book and there are so many unforced witty lines that I actually caught myself snorting on the train to work one day while reading (And I'm not a Snorter!). I loved that the main couple's relationship still feels fresh and throughly touching and the BFF dynamic is one of the best I've read. In any case, the ladies over at Tangler and Amazon/Goodreads can probably express their thoughts over this awesome UF book a bit better.

Book #5

No introduction needed for this series. I'm a big fan of this author and this series. A great Shifter series, about a tough magical heroine & a cute Alpha Shifter.  The Vamps in this series aren't your run of the mill sexy predators.  A solid series that just keeps getting better & better as it progresses.

                                1-Magic Bites
                                2-Magic Burns
                                3-Magic Strikes
                                4-Magic Bleeds  Curran's POV (Part I/Part II)
                                5-Magic Slays 
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