Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Game of Thrones: The Pointy End

It took me a while to view this episode. I may have to break-down and pay for HBO one of these days.  If last week can be called somber & slow, this one can be called edgy. From the music to the setting, this one definitely gave off a spooky-strained vibe. We left off with all hell breaking loose, at the end of the last episode, and that is exactly where we start.  I'm Pro & Conning it again this week.  Let's roll.

Pro: Inigo Montoya, I mean Syrio Florel, saves the day or at least my favorite Stark girl. Who knew a wooden sword could wreck so much havoc? All hail Syrio. You have my respect sir, even though your accent is most silly.

Con: RIP Inigo Montoya

Pro: It pays to be the daughter of a traitor, if it saves you from marrying the thin-lipped boy-king. Too bad she lacks the smarts of her younger sister. Hopefully she’ll buy a clue before her end.

Pro: Robb Stark finally makes a big move, which will hopefully help me remember his name.

Con: We see the dire results of nursing your child past infancy. Creepy

Pro: The Lannister Imp proves once again, that the Pen is Mightier than the Sword.

Con: Jon (it only hurts when I smile) Snow, gets a Time-Out after getting his panties in a bunch when someone calls him a Bastard Son of a Traitor.  You would think the guy would have grown thicker skin by now.

Pro: Jon breaks out of Time-Out to play Nancy Drew with his pet wolf.

Pro: Zombies are taking over feudal England. Cool! This must be the Whitewalkers we first saw in episode one.

Con: Khaleesi & the Horselord have their first spat. I hate it when mom & dad fight.

Pro: The Horse Lord gets called out and gets down right pissed.
He is such a showman.

Con: Another ugly naked dude, I would have rather not seen, makes a random appearance. For all that is holy, please stop. I don’t think my eyeballs can take much more.

Pro: This week, Samwell earns his place, when he proves to be an expert in all things forensic and supernatural. I bet they’re glad they kept this guy around now.

Con: Ser Barristan Selmy, gets unSered, as he's forced into retirement. I would so demand my union rep on that BS.

Con: Sansa makes promises she can't keep. I guess she didn’t think to ask Vanna for a vowel, on her journey to buying a clue.

And there you have it. The episode started with Lord Stark chained and sitting on his arse, and it ended exactly the same way. Hopefully Sean Bean will at least get taken out for a walk next week. I feel for you big guy.  Go here for the full recap.

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