Sunday, June 12, 2011

Game of Thrones: Baelor

Courtesy of the free premo weekend, I’m watching this week’s episode on my 32”, as opposed to begging on the street corner until some poor fool takes pity on me.  We left-off last week with Sansa promising the evil Queen of an impending Ned grovel (yeah right). I can already hear Ned laughing his arse off in the dungeon below, when he gets wind of what his not-so-bright daughter has assured her Evilness.  I’m Pro/Conning it again this week as I watch.  Let’s roll:

Con: Take heed when your jailer starts off a story with: “When I was still a boy, before they cut my balls off with a hot knife.” You know the ending will not be happy one, and it'll probably not get you any closer to freedom. Ned’s only friend in the dark is a eunuch with a weird sense of humor and strong sense of self-preservation. He also thinks Sansa is a genius, so he’ll probably die a horrible death before the end of the season. One can only hope.

Pro: Lord Frey is one crabby-bitter old man, and his hotness is exactly what this show has been missing! “Your mother would still be a MilkMaid-If I hadn't squirted you into her belly.”

Pro: Jon (it only hurts when I smile) Snow earns a reward and the gratitude of Lord Mormont. Who knew that he only needed to take down a zombie to earn his place.

Con: Just short of asking for their first born, Grumpy old man demands rather a lot for just crossing a small river.

Con: No! The horselord is deathly ill, and before I got to see him in the full monty! Say it isn’t so. If he dies now, I’m so going to abandon this show and write to that a-hole author.  Get well Drogo. XOXO

Con: The hotness known as Charles Dance, seems to hate his son, Tyrion, almost as much as Catelyn hates Lord Stark’s bastard son, Jon Snow.

Pro: Of course a horse sacrifice is the only answer to the horselord’s illness. There is still hope yet, even if he comes back as the walking dead. Let him Live! (cue evil laugh) And we finally get to see Ser Mormont clank some steel.

Pro: Never play Truth or Dare with a beautiful whore with a foreign accent. She will always win.

Pro: Peter Dinklage is proably the only person who could have truly captured what Martin had envisioned for Tyrion Lannister. “and for just a moment Tyrion Lannister stood tall as a king.” 

Pro: Crap on Toast, Robb landed a big fish, in the form of The Lion-Jamie Lannister no less. 1 to Tywin Lannister for winning the battle and 1 to Robb for landing the Kingslayer.

Pro: Arya, from lady to pauper, girl knows how to survive. I would have loved to see Sansa in rags, begging in the streets.

Con: Sean Bean finally gets taken out for a walk, unfortunately it may be his last! What was Ned thinking. Damn that lipless boy-king. Why are the writers so damned determined to kill off all my favorite men this episode?

Con: OMG, no words.

Okay, I’m going to have to take some time to reflect a bit before laying judgement on this episode. For those that already read the book, the ending was no surprise, for all the rest of us @&*#@!

So, I think the question is - will fans keep watching?  Go here for io9's poll and discussion on the topic & here for the full recap.

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