Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the mood for Dark Sci-fi?

God's WarGod's War
Book #1

Talented young author, Kameron Hurley, turns out an ambitious & thought provoking Dark Sci-Fi novel, that examines our current & past global social problems. This author either did an extensive amount of research or knows a great deal about theology & the Islamic culture. A very introspective, yet objective, look into religion & the very real social issues we still face. And although I can appreciate and admire the quality of work that went into writing & constructing this book, I didn't find myself devouring it or desperate for more. Don't get me wrong, this is a very good book, but it may have been a tad too intense & somber for me.  The protagonist is a very hard & unapologetic-godless woman, who I somehow both disliked and sympathized with.

On a brutal desert planet, a centuries-long holy war wages - fought between two Muslim colonists. Nyx, a former government-sponsored assassin or "bel dame," gets by as a bounty hunter. Her assistant is the foreign magician Rhys, who can control the ubiquitous insects that drive the planet's technology. When the government asks them to hunt down an off-worlder who possesses technology that could end the war, they find themselves facing off against foreign agents and their fellow bel dames.

Hurley's world-building is phenomenal, with casual references to insectile technology and the world's history that provide atmosphere without info dumps. Far too many pages are spent introducing the characters, but the story is highly engaging once it starts, and Hurley smoothly handles tricky themes such as race, class, religion, and gender without sacrificing action.

Warning:  Extreme Violence / References to Sex & Homosexuality 
Book #2-Infidel (Oct 01, 2011)
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