Sunday, May 29, 2011

Game of Thrones: You Win or You Die

I knew it couldn’t last. This was one somber episode. I'm breaking it down by Pro vs. Con this week, since there wasn't a whole lot to crow about.

Pro: Charles Dance shows off his acting chops as Tywin Lannister.
Now it’s Dance vs. Bean, for the Hot-Shiz Brit Crown.

Con: Petyr Baelish moons over Lady Stark & old unrequited love, but (Pro) looks cute while doing it. I’m such a fool for a man in a dress.

Pro: Jon Snow and his sourpuss, graces us this epi. Would it kill him to smile? Even his slight smiles appear as if he's smelling something rank.

Con: One of the King’s favorite pastimes results in some bed rest, and we are subjected to a really long deathbed monologue, that I could have done without. Hopefully the bare necessities, such as wine & a couple of naked ladies, are kept handy while he recups.  Get well soon. XOXO

Pro: Lord Stark for the Crown!! Vote here.

Pro: Horse Lord. That is all.

Con: And the assassination attempts begin. Curious to see which side Ser Jorah Mormont is truly playing on.

Pro: Drogo speaks more than two words and a grunt, and of course it's all to do Khaleesi's bidding. Girl is handling herself like a true Pro.

Con: I demand a reshoot. Couldn't they have found someone else for the first full-frontal male scene (like the horse lord)? I think I just lost my appetite for the next week.

Con: King Robert RIP. Sads. Now King Crazy-Boy for the Rule?
Say it isn’t so!

Con: Queenie doesn't let a small thing like a lack of a blood tie, stop her from proclaiming her son as the rightful successor.  Oh no she didn’t. No one talks to Sean Bean like that & gets away with it!

Pro: Petyr Baelish is so bad he’s good. I knew he had it in him.

Tune-in next week, when Sean Bean Kicks arse and leads an army to overthrow Queenie & her Crazy-Boy.  Go here for a more in-depth review.

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