Tuesday, April 5, 2011

True Blood: S4 Sneak Peek

Hoyt's got loooove in his heart, and he ain't afraid to express it.  Oh, & Pam is hot shiz, just by being present in the scene.  Yeah, the usual. There is also a New Intro for Season 4, or is this just a fan made video-who knows.  I'm not sure if I like it just yet. It looks like they spliced some of the new promos together & called it a day. The music is okay, but the visuals are bit slow & boring compared to the original. I would say its lost that edgy feeling it once had. Can you tell I'm not feeling it?

Update:  According to the Intro's creator, the only footage provided were the pre-filmed promos.  If HBO is so worried about the budget, then why change the intro at all?  File this under, "For all that is holy, Why?".

Update II: The new Intro has since been yanked and reposted with sped up images at the beginning, without comprising the synced slow down that starts with Sam.  It seems better overall, but the 1st couple of images seem a little too fast, like someone accidentally hit the fast-forward button.

Updated New Intro:

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