Saturday, April 23, 2011

Top Reads: Scarabaeus

A futuristic fantasy plot that is definitely worth the notice, even for this regular UF reader. Self described as a Science Fiction Adventure, with a dash of romance. These books are chalk-full of action, adventure, & tension; especially Book #2. The books are best when read together, due to a book #1 cliffhanger & for generally keeping track of characters & plot. Light sexual content; maybe okay for 15+. 

                                       1-Song of Scarabaeus
                                       2-Children of Scarabaeus-Final Book

Book #1:
The secretive interstellar government called the Crib unleashed its biocyph terraforming technology on the planet Scarabaeus, but something went very wrong. Only sensitive, talented Edie Sha'nim, an orphan raised by the Crib and taught to program biocyph seeds, knows what happened. 

Rebel Fringe colonies, determined to escape the Crib's clutches, send freedom fighters to kidnap Edie, telepathically link her to handsome thug Finn, and promise her liberty if she shows them how to prevent the biocyph seeds' annual deactivation. Edie wants to trust Finn and help the rebels, but she doesn't dare explain her part in Scarabaeus's transformation into a planet of horrifying death. Creasy's convincing scientific speculation, appealing characterizations, and eerie alien landscapes make this science fiction romance deeply satisfying. 

Book #2:  (No Spoilers)
On the edge of your seat tension throughout, and at the same time, very endearing & touching. I especially loved the children and the gentleness between Edie & Finn. There is a definite conclusion, but it still left me wanting more. I'm curious to see what Creasy does next. 
Mini Q & A:  
I recently asked Creasy what she has planned next-
"I'm working on another sci-fi romance at the moment, probably another duology."

Will it be part of the same world, or an entirely new plot?
"New characters, different part of the galaxy - essentially a different world but I'm using the same idea of nodespace travel, so you could think of it as being in the same story universe. It's set much further in the future than the Scarabaeus books and things have changed quite a bit."

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