Monday, April 11, 2011

Top Reads: Queen of Shadows

Thoroughly addictive. I could not put this book down until I finished midnight Sunday; which I'm now paying back in spades this early morning Monday. Yes, yet another vampire book. But, I have to say what drew me in most was Sylvan's carefully crafted world, the heroine's compelling original storyline, and the couple's captivating, yet unmushy, love story.

The only negative that I saw was the book's abrupt ending & a few unanswered questions. However the author does pad the book with supplements, that seem to makeup for its curt ending. Caution with visiting Amazon, as spoilers seems to be running amuck over there. Book #2, Shadowflame, releases July 26th.

Queen of Shadows (A Novel of the Shadow World)Queen of Shadows
Book #1

Sylvan's powerful debut is packed with startling action, sensual romance, and delightfully nerdy vampires. An empathic gift is slowly killing Austin musician Miranda Grey, who uses her talents to influence her audience. After a fateful event that leaves Miranda traumatized, she is taken in by David Solomon, the steely but quirky leader of the South's vampires, whose no-kill laws have created unrest among his subjects. As David teaches Miranda to control her abilities and the two grow closer, a vampire civil war looms. Sylvan's compelling take on vampirism, her endearing characters, and a complex, unabashedly feminist plot will have readers hungry for a sequel.

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