Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top Reads: M.K. Hobson's Witchpunk

The Native StarThe Native Star
A fantasy set in the late 19th century in a world of magic, witches, and zombies. A small town witch finds herself center stage of a national manhunt and adventure with an annoying traveling warlock, after a fateful accident. Not my usual cup of tea. However this fantasy adventure was just different and interesting enough to hold my interest throughout, even with a few sluggish parts at the beginning.

-Spoiler Warning: for those who haven't read Book #1-

The Hidden GoddessThe Hidden Goddess
The Sequel to The Native Star, is unlike its predecessor.  This is not a rehash of the same adventure by any stretch. And unlike the first, this one kept me peeled from start to finish, and flowed flawlessly. I also have to add, that this is not at all the type of book that I usually prefer reading, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

A month has passed since the adventures that brought Emily from Lost Pine to New York City, but navigating New York magical society is as taxing and treacherous as anything she's faced so far. Emily's future mother-in-law is a sociopathic socialite who is not at all pleased with her only son's choice of a bride. But thankfully, this story is not filled with tea parties and soirées of the upper class.

Dreadnought Stanton--Emily's fiancé--has a dark past which has by no means given up all its secrets. And Emily's own past may hold answers that a shadowy group of Russian scientists will give anything to possess. About halfway through, this adventure book becomes more meaningful, as Emily starts to uncover her family's dark past and Dreadnaught's coveted secrets.

Emily will have to brave all these challenges mostly alone--not to mention an ancient sect of Aztec blood-sorcerers bent on plunging the world into apocalypse--as she attempts to unlock the mystery that will both save her & Dreadnaught's future, not to mention the entire world. Unfortunately, she spends most of her time away from Dreadnought throughout the book, as I do love how they lovingly goad each other. An introspective examination of Might vs. Right, Human Nature, & Love, brings Emily full circle, in this eloquently written and thrilling western-fantasy-steampunk tale.

There is a definite conclusion that could be construed as "The End", but from what the author has stated, this may not be the case if she has her way. I wholeheartedly recommend this well written/edited book, and encourage other prospective readers to read The Native Star prior to delving in.

Light sexual content, Some Violence. Okay for 15+.

"Will there be more books in this series? What is next on your schedule?
Well, I've got ideas for several more books in this series, and I think I might even be able to convince my editor to buy them ... but I have to finish the proposals!

The proposal I'm *currently* working on is for the next 2 books in the series, which jump forward 30 years to follow Dreadnought & Emily's youngest son. It's set in 1911, which was a very interesting time in history. And as much as I love bustles, it will be nice to explore a whole new era of costuming. ;-)"

-Life is too Short to Read a Bad Book-

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