Sunday, April 24, 2011

Game of Thrones

I finally got around to watching the 1st episode of this new series, and I can say with all honesty, that I'm thoroughly confused. I haven't read any of the books, and I don't think they are catering to the unread viewers. Most of the dialogue was delivered in hushed accented tones, that I really couldn't make all of it out. My remote has been on the fritz for some time now, and I was too lazy to get up and raise the volume. LoL. In any case, I don't think my                                             neighbors would have appreciated it that late.

I liked the 1st episode, but can't say I really followed everything that was going on or all the characters.  I did enjoy the cinematography and what I did get from the story.  I heart Sean Bean.  I'll probably just record all the episodes during the marathon the week the season finale airs; which should be about the same time True Blood starts.

Having said that, it was a pretty lively & extremely graphic first episode.  I wouldn't recommend this show to anyone younger than 18. I wonder if the books are just as graphic.  New episodes air Sunday night.

Update:  Saw the 2nd episode; now I'm addicted.  Dammit!

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