Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cringe worthy cover, decent book

I swear I'm not a really a PNR or Romance reader.  Okay, maybe I'm a closet PNR reader.  It's aloud right?

Beef-cake cover aside, this was a pretty decent PNR book. An engaging & fast read, this isn't your typical empty PNR book. However, I found the love story a bit on the sappy side & unnaturally hastened, just like most romances that focus on one couple per book. And yes, this is another Vampire book, but not exactly your typical vamp meets girl, vamp falls in love with girl type of story. Well, sort of. More intrigue, plot, & world-building than most of its type, I look forward to reading the next book in this new series. 

"Once, Sarah Bingham's biggest challenge was making her students pay attention in class. Now, after rescuing a wounded stranger, she's handed in the middle of a battle between corrupt vampires and powerful immortals who also need blood to survive. Roland is the most compelling man Sarah has ever laid hands on."

                                 1-Darkness Dawns
                                 2-Night Reigns  (Dec 06, 2011)

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