Monday, April 11, 2011

$25 Off Kindle-Too good to be True?

Yes, you too can have a Kindle for $25 less. Sounds good?  Sure, until you find out what you have to put up with for the small discount. Uh, no thanks.  I think after about a week, I would revert to paying the Geek Squad $25 to get this garbage off my ereader.  Go here,  if you don't think you'll mind the annoying adverts you will have to put up with.

*The Fine Print*

Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers
New, Lower Price  (Yay!)
When you buy Kindle with Special Offers, you are getting the same bestselling Kindle for $25 less—only $114. Special offers and sponsored screensavers display on the Kindle screensaver and on the bottom of the home screen—they don't interrupt reading.

Special Offers
You'll receive special offers directly on your Kindle. Examples include:
$10 for $20 Gift Card  (Sign me up)
$6 for 6 Audible Books (normally $68)  (Uh, no Thanks)
$1 for an album in the Amazon MP3 Store (choose from over 1 million albums) (Say, what?)
$10 for $30 of products in the Amazon Denim Shop or Amazon Swim Shop  (Whatcha talkin bout Willis?)

Sponsored Screensavers
Our goal is to display sponsored screensavers that you want to see. That's why we've created a free Kindle app and website (coming soon) called AdMash. Anyone who's interested can download AdMash and help pick future screensavers. Two prospective screensavers show up side-by-side, and you pick the one you find most attractive. The ones preferred most by customers qualify to become sponsored screensavers.  (More like big brother tracking my spending habits.  We already have this.  It's called tracking cookies and Google.)

You can also set your personal Kindle Screensaver Preferences to give us hints on the style and types of sponsored screensavers you'd like to see on your Kindle. For example, you can indicate that you'd like to see more or fewer screensavers that include elements such as landscapes and scenery, architecture, travel images, photography, and illustrations. Together, AdMash voting and Kindle Screensaver Preferences help us select the most attractive and engaging sponsored screensavers to display on your Kindle.  (Pick the most attractive of the annoying advirts? Sort of like picking the lesser of the two evils right?)

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