Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yet another Adaptation

I just finished watching an advanced screening of the latest Jane Eyre adaptation, and boy was it ever interesting. Charlotte Bronte is rolling in her grave, and probably wondering what the heck has gotten into the world today.

Okay, it wasn't that bad, but they definitely took some creative liberty with this adaptation. The romance was a bit overheated and Mia Wasikowska, who stared in Alice in Wonderland, may have been a bit too pretty to be cast as Jane.  However, I don't think many people would argue that she didn't have the acting chops to pull it off convincingly.

With all the changes aside, I felt drawn to the characters and their melancholy plight. After all, this is a Bronte adaption.  Jane and Rochester's chemistry was white hot; as-in someone needed to take them out back and hose them down. You can probably blame the uber sexy Michael Fassbender and his sexual magnetism for a majority of the overheated scenes. Well acted and filmed; I look forward to re-watching this film once it comes to video, even with its couple of sluggish parts.

The very limited release is set for Mar 11th in America and Sept for the UK. Little strange no? I checked local theatre listings, and there are no screens scheduled to show this movie, besides the random free screenings. If you're in California, here is a listing of free screenings for this film. Film Metro

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