Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last-5 Top Reads

I've never put much weight on one person's opinion. Having a public forum to express your view points doesn't give any one person more credibility or importance then the next person. My opinion, although important to me, may not be worth much to anyone else, especially since there is such a varying degree of likes one person may have as compared to others. This is why I've chosen not to subject others regularly to book reviews. Having said that, sharing one's experience and impressions is sometimes a good jumping off point in finding a new favorite.

Book #5-Final

If you are fan of the series, then reading this conclusion is a must. And, if you haven't read any of these books, color me green, because you'll be able to read this entire series from beginning to end without interruption.

Tempest's Legacy (Jane True)Tempest's Legacy
Book #3

Warning: Spoilers for those who haven't read the 1st two books.

Now one of my favorite series, I can't help but love the cute little Selkie, Jane, and her regular misadventures. This one is definitely a little more on the serious side, due to the nature of the storyline, but it's still tempered with a great amount of humor, Laugh-Out-Loud moments, & romance. The sexual tension & heat between Anyan & Jane is so thick you can cut it with a knife. This is done without a lot of physical interaction, but from the promise of a future coupling and the hilarious inner conflicting (dirty vs. virtue) dialogue from Jane. The quirky inner ramblings of Jane, like the hilarious Panty Packing scene, never fail to make me smile and take notice of this great little series from start to finish.

The Native StarThe Native Star
Book #1

A fantasy set in the late 19th century in a world of magic, witches, and zombies. A small town witch finds herself center stage of a national manhunt and adventure with an annoying traveling warlock, after a fateful accident. Not my usual cup of tea. However this fantasy adventure is different and interesting enough to hold my interest throughout, even with a few sluggish parts in the beginning. I look forward to the followup book, The Hidden Goddess in Apr 26, 2011.

Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter)Archangel's Consort
Book #3

Another great and sexy Guild Hunter Installment.  A little on the mushy (in-love) side but the plot and ending makes up for its overly amorous dialogue and scenes.

Nightshade (Berkley Sensation)Nightshade
Book #1

"Jill, a temp at a investment firm, is coming back from a coffee run when a man grabs her, injects her with a serum, and is shot dead by half-vampire."

Rowen's new sexy UF series doesn't disappoint. Just like her other popular vampire series (Immortality Bites), this book starts off pretty fast. However, that is where the similarity ends. This book's plot is and characters are also much grittier and the protagonist comes off much more likable. The middle is a little lackluster, but the ending makes up for what the middle lacks. I encourage anyone who enjoys this book to read the Short-Bleeding Heart in the Anthology-Primal. The short starts off exactly where this book ends, and I thought it better edited, very engaging, and essential to the storyline of this series.

Another potentially good book I'm currently reading is A Brush of Darkness.  

Update: I can't really say I would recommend the book below.  The pace was a bit slow, and boy the author overdid-it with trying to cram every fantasy creature & myth into this one book.  Less is more I say. Surprisingly I did like the new PNR book, Raziel, which is about Fallen angels. Sort of reminiscent of Ward's BDB series. 

A Brush of Darkness

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