Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kate Daniels: Curran's POV

If you haven't heard, authoring team-Ilona Andrews, has been indulging fans with supplemental free readings to go along with their popular Kate Daniels series.  These are written in the POV of the very sexy & charismatic Beast Lord-Curran.  FYI, there may also be some additional POV readings for the Fever series in the future as well.  Barron's POV and prequel stories have been rumored.

Curran Volume I
Book #1-3

This isn’t a short story or a novella. This is a collection of scenes as a companion to the Kate Daniels series. These scenes illustrate the point of view of Curran, the Beast Lord of Atlanta.  This collection isn't meant to stand on its own as an independent work of fiction.

                                         Curran Volume II: Fathers & Sons
                                         Between Book #4 & #5

                                         These are Magic Bleeds (Book #4) Ending                                                    Supplementals.  Also in Curran's POV.   They                                              will absolutely make more sense if you read                                                  Book #4 first.  These were not intended to be                                              standalone reads.

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